Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Princess and her Bling

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, in a land far, far away, a little girl named Kim at Jogging in Circles awarded Angie some blog love/bling. Angie was delighted to see her name on Kim's site as Kim is a daily read of Angie's and feels very connected to her new friend constantly finding new things in common. However, an evil spell fell upon Angie and she completely forgot to pick up the award, acknowledge the award, SPEAK of the award, let alone pass on the award. Recently, the evil spell of forgetfulness was broken from Angie and she is now posting this award for all the blogosphere to see before she rides off into the sunset and lives happily ever after.

Angie is passing this award to MamaGeek at What Works for Us because the amazing photos Mamageek takes make Angie seethe with amateur photographer envy smile. LOTS.
Angie is also passing this award to Ya...About That because of the wonderful insightful comment she left on Angie's post about not being so good at taking help and because she just smiles whenever she reads Mommica. Every time.

The evil forgetfulness spell was lifted from Angie by Jenn at Juggling Life, when Angie found herself the recipient of not one, but two more awards this weekend from her good blog friend and daily read. A bling award and a REAL award. She won a book. A real, touchable, turn the pages book. She will have to see if she remembers how to maneuver through one of those since mostly all she reads these days are blogs in her spare time. Angie hopes Jenn doesn't disagree with Angie's plan for the book, but when she is finished, she plans to pay it forward to the Central Illinois Cancer Center's book borrowing center. Since Brian and someone he loves, whether it be Angie or his family, will be spending a few hours every two weeks in the cancer center, Angie thinks she may have some more time for some reading, so this comes at a very opportune time. Jenn insists it was truly random and that it wasn't fixed out of guilt for the pity party Angie threw for herself ALL. LAST. WEEK. (Angie would like to interject here that she enjoys commenting on Jenn's site ever so much more now that Jenn removed the awful, terrible, word verification.)

The bling award from Jenn is this:

Which could not be more appropriate since Angie is surrounded by all things dirty and disgusting to her, yet hilarious to little boys. She needs all the princess/girly stuff she can get, and she is pretty sure this tiara is the perfect size.

Angie is passing this award to two beautiful ladies, who also had bad weeks last week.
1 Heather at 3 boys under my roof because she is also surrounded by boys and needs some princess flare.
2 Damama T because she has become a great mentor to Angie even if she doesn't realize it.
3 One more who didn't have such a bad week, but is surrounded by boys, needs her own tiara and is one of the funniest ladies Angie has ever read. JUNE CLEAVER NIRVANA.

In Angie's real life kingdom, her prince and husband, Brian will be starting his latest quest to slay the dragon named brain tumor with a new sword and shield called chemotherapy. Brian will spend hours at the cancer center every other Monday, so he is training with his IPod and tunes. Since Brian's latest IPod holds 160 gig of whatever the heck Brian pleases, Brian has been spending some time arming his IPod with as much as possible and asked his princess, Angie, to help him find good photos for him to load. Pictures of Angie and the boys and the family in general. Since Angie is the only one who uses the camera and downloads photos, she obviously isn't in any of the photos and is the only member of the kingdom who knows the secret hiding places of the best photos because there are hundreds of undeveloped pictures in all kinds of folders cluttering up the computer. When lovingly teasing her prince, and asking what he was going to do with the photos, 'ogle and browse through pictures of Angie and boys all morning?' the handsome prince replied, "Well, yes, actually, that is the primary reason as to why I am there going through this, so it would be neat to have pictures on my IPod to browse through reminding me while I listen to my tunes getting this stuff, " reminding the princess, Angie, why she fell in love with and married this amazing prince all those years ago.



  1. Why must I cry so easily?? It's just blog bling, for cryin' out loud!!

    I bet Brian will fill it up!!

    Oh, and I'm in NONE of our photos, either.

    Angie, let one of the boys take some shots of you one day after you get your make up's so much better than taking one of yourself.

  2. You have MADE my day. Sincerest thanks my friend. This means a lot coming from you!

  3. Thank you! Thank you! You are so sweet and so deserving of all this bling and more. I appreciate you passing on the very girly tiara...I will wear it proudly around the house with my fuzzy slippers.

  4. Wow - you are amazing to me, my blogger friend. YOU truly make me smile and my heart warm every time I read you, so I want to give this right back to you sweet girl! My prayers are with Princess Angie and Prince Brian for the times ahead. I love reading your blog - hilarious and serious, and I thank you so much!

  5. I couldn't like your idea any better if I 'd thought of it myself. Now I must go read all the blogs you've passed awards to . . . sigh, so many blogs, so little time!

  6. Congrats to you - you so deserve all good things! Best wishes to all your recipients as well.

    I hope your week is better. I will be thinking of you. =)

  7. I will be thinking about you and praying for you and Brian this week.

  8. Congrats

    Well deserved princess Angie. :)

  9. Sweetie, I hope and pray that things start going better. I know God has a purpose and a plan everytime. It's times like this though that I don't konw what or why. Take care and holler if you need anything-really.

  10. Thanks for the award. Too bad for all the sadness lately. Still working on the pictures? I may have some I can send you, unless you think you have enough (I'm sure you have enough!).

  11. Angie.. I love how you arranged this post.. Your blog is simply a blessing and as you can see so many people come back here to be inspired by your courage.

    I need to go check out those blogs you mentioned.. because if your reading them I must be missing out!! :)