Thursday, April 3, 2008

Choir of Hope

We took our kids to church last night for the World Hope Children of the World Choir performance. Children from all over the world, most orphaned and sponsored through pledges, entertain with a singing and dancing performance using English and native dialects singing praise and worship songs with a tribal flare for awareness and, naturally, fund-raising. We thought it would be great to take the kids to the performance to teach them. We thought seeing kids sing first-hand and explaining the situation from which these kids emerged would be meaningful, yet fun for the boys.

As with most circumstances in life with my boys in which I go with an expectation, my expectations were not met.

Here are some of the phrases uttered by either boy last night during the performance:

  1. Ugh. This is embarrassing.
  2. What language are they speaking? Me: “English.” What is English?
  3. This is WAY too much kid singing
  4. They KEEP singing the same thing (during How Great is Our God)
  5. Can I go to bed now?
  6. Are we standing because it is time to go? (during the only time they asked us to stand and sing with them)
  7. Can I have a drink from the shop outside?
  8. No. (When asked by the nice lady behind us as we were leaving if they liked the show)
  9. Mom, you better get your money ready this time, here comes that bag again. (I already had my money ready anyway. That was part of the reason I wanted to go.)
  10. Oh mom, do they know Jacob B? (a little boy in Gavin’s class adopted from Asia)
  11. Did they get new moms and dads yet? (after the video explaining that many children are left orphaned due to AIDS)
  12. Can I get baptized so I can go swim in that tank like that girl did earlier?
  13. 1,2,3,4,5,6…(counting the ceiling lights during the finale)

Somehow I thought it would mean more to the boys. I really did. I was wrong. Brian thought I was crazy. He was right.



  1. Dear Angie and Brian,
    I'm sympathetic with you. I pray everyday for you and your children. I'm very glad to read all news about you and I'd like to show all feeling about your experience but I don't manage because my english is quite simple. But we, I and my wife, love you.
    Have a great time!!
    Emanuele and Claudia Plasmati from Alba - Italy

  2. Very funny - in a few days they will probably start reminiscing about how much they enjoyed it...

  3. LOL! I loved the swimming in the baptismal one. :-)

  4. When I read what your boys say, I hear it in my son's voice.

    I honestly believe that my childrent held a meeting behind my back one day and decided that the ultimate goal was to drive me completely mad...until I ripped my clothes of and ran down the street naked.

    They're close, but they don't know, shhhh.

  5. LOL!!! That was so freakin funny!!!! The things kids say!!!

  6. That is classic and then to have to say hubby was right? UGH. I feel your pain!

  7. You get points for even taking them.

    Brian gets points for being realistic.

  8. Kids are so funny, but I have been in situations (as an adult) like this where I have thought or asked these same sorts of questions - HA!

    Nice to see you Angie - take care - Kellan

  9. I love the honesty of children!

  10. Boys! Trying to keep them quiet and entertained when there isn't a video game present...brave woman LOL

  11. i tell you, my kids keep me on the edge a lot when we take the moment to expose them to the world...
    = )
    or should i say, expose the world to them!! hee,hee

    yours had me laughing though! why is it always more funny when it's not your kids?!

  12. I'm glad you can find the humor in it now, though I'm sure at the time you thought it was anything but funny. We put a lot of effort into planning fun things for the boys. Last weekend, we took them on a cave tour. Jack kept asking when we could leave so he could play with the neighbor boy.

  13. LOL - Now that is funny... my son would be saying the same things :)

  14. Eeek..though I loved the swimming in the tank comment..LOL..

  15. Sadly, each comment sounded like something my husband would say . . . boys.

    One day it'll stick . . .