Sunday, April 20, 2008

In which Angie talks all, like, whatever....

So, a couple weeks ago, we have this really bad week, what with the test results, the flat tire that resulted in the purchase of TWO tires, the new crappy chemotherapy we found out about, and the aerodynamic trampoline that decided to give our tree a hug that costs $100 to fix. I post about every little thing that happened that week. I get great comments and I know by posting all these really bad things, I am not only giving you a glimpse into our lives, but I’m also looking for comment and email luv. Yah, I admit it.

So, then I get an email from my friend, Pinky, because we are email friends now since that is what you can do in blogland after you realize, “hey I kinda dig this person and man, I wish we really could get together for a real cup of coffee. I think I’ll share my junk mail email just in case with her and see if she is a stalker or not if we become friends” So, she asks me for my real address and tells me she’s gonna send a little sumin’ my way ‘just because.’ And we all know the ‘just because’ is that she feels sorry for us and wants to do something to make me feel better, but that’s okay because the ‘just because’ really wasn’t disguised as anything else. So, this past Friday, I get this super cute bracelet that just screams Spring and Summer and some packets of Stevia because I had asked her about this. (It is an herb sweetener that the FDA won’t allow to be named a sweetener. They have to call it a dietary supplement. It has kind of an earthy/woodsy undertone to it, making it a great pairing with coffee or tea). Pinky is my friend and I know her real name. So, I’m all, ‘Wow, I have great friends.’

Then I get a notice that I won Jenn’s book give away. And I am thinking: “Huh! Interesting luck, but sort of fishy being that I had a really bad week and all.” She’s all, “well, I knew you’d think that and I couldn’t believe that the random number generator thingie I used generated your number.” Only, Jenn doesn’t talk with words like, “thingie” and “I’m all” because she is like, smart. Then I get an award from Tootsie Farklepants who is like the queen poop (not cussing here) of witty, funny and entertaining. So, I’m thinking, WOW, THEY REALY LIKE ME, kind of like Meg thought last week. And speaking of Meg, she gives me this award because she likes me, too.

And now I am thinking, “okay, so they like me, but this is a lot of luv around the time I have been wallowing in self-pity.”

And I fill out a survey and I get this free because I was willing to pay $10 to ship it, so I’m thinking, “Senseo didn’t know I had a bad week, so that wasn’t pity. This is just my good luck week.”

So, yeah, then I get this award
from JCK at Mothersribe who sometimes writes about sex type things unrelated to sex – like this one about chocolate and this one about kids birthday parties, etc. But, once again, I’m thinking, ‘Pshya, whatever. This is getting strange because no one could really like me this much.’ Then I am brought back to my years of being a flat-chested, children-sizes-wearing young teenager and the hell associated with looking like you are 9 when you are FOURTEEN and no boy takes you very seriously, and you start to think, ‘no one could really like me this much,’ and I decided to get over myself.

THEN, I hear from Holly at June Cleaver Nirvana and she tells me I won her Book giveaway, Sleeping with Ward Cleaver, and now I’m all standing with my arms folded in front of me, hip slightly turned out, tapping my foot, saying, “what gives? I want to be luved because I’m ALL THAT, not because I’m ALL THAT PITIFUL.” And she’s all, ‘no seriously, you won. It was random and even if you didn’t win, Jennifer, the author, was going to send you a copy. It really must be your lucky week.” So, I’m thinking, well, nothing left to lose, I was gonna get a copy of the book regardless, so why would she lie?

In the end, I really don’t care, even if the awards are slightly out of pity, I’m getting better at accepting help and there is no denying that part of writing about the pitiful parts of your life on your blog is to generate some luv.




  1. You deserve it all! Hope this week is a good one for you.

  2. Did you buy that lottery ticket yet? I can only speak for the crack Nirvana security (and I checked it 3 times) but that was a total non-pity win which you deserve. I am hoping happy karma is circling you in real life like it is online.

  3. OMG, that was like, so totally cute.

    But you deserve it, for sure!

  4. Seriously, I can NOT think of a more deserving person!

    What's next? The lottery?

  5. Hey Angie! I really WAS going to send you a copy after I read your post last week! I'm glad you won it anyhow--it's always nice to be a weener ;-)
    I'll get it off to you tomorrow!

  6. You. DESERVE. It. ALL. Just for being you . . . I'm so glad I found you :)

  7. God knows just when we need a pick me up!! That's what he did for you! :)

  8. You deserve all these good things. And I'll have you know, Missy, that you got the award from me from your amazing blog full of honesty and rawness, that I admire so much.

    Oh, and you linked Jenny Gardiner to me - JCK at Motherscribe. LMAO. I am sure I would love to be her, published author and all.

  9. Congrats on all your loot and booty!!

    p.s. the survey is how Mr. Farklepants obtained his Senseo!

  10. OK misses fartin'-in-the-minivan.
    I would've waited to send the bracelet for another week had I known you'd be bombarded with this much LOVE at once!


    I mean, come on.

    I wanted to make your day...instead I just got lumped in there with Senseo....or whatever.
    Oh, whatever, just make me a cup and I'll be there in a minute...because you know I'm stalkin' you! heeeehee HAHA!
    (I think you're stalkin' me.)

  11. Buy a lotto ticket! Quick!

  12. Yay!! How fun to get all that good stuff...guess I should've sent you something...such a loser!

  13. Well you are just miss popularity!! I'd give you an award if I had one to give :-)

    I'd stop and get some scratch off's..

  14. All of it is well deserved! xoxoxo