Sunday, January 27, 2008

Aim high...

Okay, I know I have boys and an occassional missed target is expected, but THIS IS RIDICULOUS!

I cleaned this toilet TWO DAYS AGO, yet it rivals any toilet on an I-80 TRUCK STOP!

AND there's MORE...

This is the wall JUST ABOVE the toilet.

I don't know whether to be irate or impressed. Regardless, I am disgusted!



  1. I met a lady a b-day party last night that had instituted a sit down only law at her house!! (She has 4 boys and a husband) She said it has changed her life!! No cleaning of the toilet every other day!


  2. Grosss! The boys at my house sit down... and so do their friends, they do so in fear of being publicly humiliated if they don't. I'm going to show them your blog!

  3. Boys! Once my son and his friend (they were 4) decided they would try going at the same time--at someone else's house! And she only had girls. It's always nice to have to clean someone else's toilet (and wall, and floor) during a party.

  4. yes, I feel your pain. I clean Brother's bathroom more than any other.

  5. I gets better, I promise.

  6. HOW does THAT happen? Is that what I have to look forward to? Maybe I won't be so quick to want to potty train Dylan. Blah!
    Here's my solution- give up the beer altogether and hire a housekeeper.
    Nah, just drink a beer while you're cleaning it up!

  7. You knew I couldn't stop reading, as I have boys too. I told John the other day, "I should not have to clean s*** off of the toilets. I do enough around here." I was having a rough week.

  8. Girl you are killing me with all this inside boy information...LOL