Friday, January 25, 2008


IRONY: Pronunciation: \ī-rə-nē also ī(-ə)r-nē\ Function: Noun
(1): incongruity between the actual result of a sequence of events and the normal or expected result (2): an event or result marked by such incongruity

A few examples of irony:

#1) One of the most vivid memories of best friend, Gretchen, from high school is sitting in accelerated Math Analysis class. She is not grasping the principles being taught and upon which we are building. She has an adolescent, sobbing, melt-down lamenting in the middle of the classroom, “I am so stupid! I am never gonna understand this stuff! Let’s face it, I am just going to be barefoot and pregnant for the rest of my life!” Cannot help but laugh and pity the poor teacher who has to keep a straight face. Gretchen opts out of the accelerated math program her high school senior year. Irony: Gretchen’s college degree – Secondary Math Education.

Gretchen and I finishing up college. I'm the short one. early 90's, chokers were in - weren't they?

#2) Gavin eats any and every baby food item given to him. Every meat, starch, vegetable and fruit is devoured as if there will never be another meal. Irony: At age 6, if there is a vegetable or any resemblance of fruit coming from anything but a can on Gavin’s plate, he refuses to eat the entire meal.

#3) Shopping with kids. Ask them every time the bathroom is passed (243 times) if either has to go to the bathroom. Suggest at least trying. “I don’t have to. Ooh… Look… a toy…” Irony: Have been waiting in line to check out for 37 minutes. Children are restless and misbehaving. Finally. Next in line. “I have to go potty… NOW.”

#4) Children receive countless $$ worth of Christmas gifts – action figures, video games, webkinz, walkie talkies, Magnetix, games, playing cards etc. Irony: Their favorite items to play with – laundry baskets, a large empty box and the $3 Walmart Star Wars playing cards (although, I can’t blame them for this one. What boy wouldn’t want to play war stating – my Obi-Wan Kanobe ace beats your Han Solo king? Or my Darth Vader beats your Imperial Guard.)

One deck of heroes and one deck of villains.


  1. YES...chokers were sooo in!!! I am a child of the 90's and I had a ton of them!

    passin' thru via blog hoppers...cheers!

  2. I need a pack of those cards... win game know I will (Yoda rocks!)

    Etcetera - blog hopper

  3. I have a pic of me in a choker from that same time.

    Blog hopping--HP

  4. My kids love the laundry basket, too. I've given up on buying neat, new toys.

  5. I want those cards!! And yeah, kids are genetically programed to want to pee at the most inopportune time. Can't fight that one. It's in the DNA.

  6. LOL! I had a ton of chokers :) And yes, there is quite some irony to those....especially #4.

  7. MmmBeer, Making my rounds and wanted to say have a great weekend.. Let the hubby know I am cheering him on!!!! He is a strong man and will prevail..

  8. I don't know about the choker - but you were/are a doll with or without one! Cute post and life is ... constant irony, isn't it? Have a great weekend Angie - see you soon. Kellan

  9. Just stumbled upon your blog. Loved your post!

  10. Aren't chokers still in? I wouldn't mind if my wife wore em' HA! Typical male huh? No women's fashion sense. LOL!

    "Makeshift Sinatra"
    from the weekend bloghoppers

  11. I like your blog. :-)

    I've gotten patterns for chokers from Annie's Attic's free pattern of the day a lot recently, and I think I might make one or two. Would you still consider them in?

    Maybe for the tween set...good, I've got one.

    Hookin' Angel

  12. Wait- did chokers every go out of style? :-)

    I still remember a couple of years ago when we surprised my daughter with a huge playroom in the basement. When we did the big unveiling on Christmas, she bypassed it and went the other direction to an old, ratty ball....

  13. holy cow, angie. I think I still have the same hairdo and it's 13 years later. I guess becoming a mom, I don't look so... "European" ha ha ha you know what I mean.

  14. Our first child was extremely handicapped so we had purchased tons of neat and bright colored musical and moving toys trying to get him to respond to something.

    With the second child, who is normal, a raw potato and a broom was entertainment!