Thursday, January 17, 2008

Open up and say AAAHHHHH...

I thought I would post about how Gavin is fairing since inquiring minds want to

The following information may not seem relevant, but it is: When Gavin was a baby and we started baby food, it was like a dream come true. He loved all of the wonderful pureed vegetables, fruits, meats, fruit and vegetable medleys, fruit and meat medleys, meat and vegetable medleys, etc. However, when we started giving Stage 3 foods - baby food with TINY morsels of texture - he started to gag. It didn't seem he hated the food, rather the texture. So, transititioning Gavin to table food proved to be a nightmare. He gagged at everything with more solidity than a banana or pancake. We had to be RIGHT next to him while he ate all foods to ensure he did not gag and choke. To this day, he eats almost nothing. It has developoed into a matter of taste, but it started as a matter of texture. During our last 2 trips to the dentist, both hygenists commented on his heightened gag reflex. I thought nothing of it, until yesterday.

Our trip to the doctor proved interesting. Since he was complaining of a headache, had a 103.38 F fever and mentioned a sore neck (throat), they decided a throat culture was in order. Just before the nurse was about to insert the swab, I nonchalantly mentioned that he has a strong gag reflex. She looked me square in the eye and said, "He is not going to throw up on me is he?" "No, of course not, he will just gag when you do this." She asked me to hold his hands. She depressed his tongue with the stick and he IMMEDIATELY gagged. She inserted the swab and he hacked. She took it out and realized she did not touch the throat. We had to try again. This time he was not as cooperative, tearing up while insisting his throat no longer hurt. My heart broke for him, but I firmly held his hands again for this attempt. It is so hard to be a mom when you have to be terribly mean to your child who just wants you to protect him. She tried again, but he barely opened his mouth. She inserted as best as she could and he started gagging, hacking AND crying. I told him he is brave and wonderful and deserved a treat for this, only to realize that she DID NOT TOUCH THE THROAT AGAIN. Please note, I don't fault her for this. I don't see how anyone could get that long Q-tip down that 1/2 inch opening in the .42 seconds he opened wide enought to allow it. The third time he was crying hard and she started again, but he proclaimed he was going to throw up. I thought he was just suffering from the gag after-math and didn't take it seriously; however, he vomited into his hands, my hands, his pants, my coat and the floor. Luckily, he hadn't eaten much; nonetheless, it was unpleasant. The poor nurse who was spraying the anti-septic cleaning agent and wiping the floor was in dire need of fresh air. She stated she was going to let Dr. E. do this one himself and I could see her turning a bit green. I told her that I would gladly clean this up if she left me the product. No, she insisted, but she started to gag, then got upset with herself proclaiming that she is going to be a terrible mother. I told her before I had kids there is no way I thought I would stick my hands under a vomitting mouth. Even today, I wouldn't do it for anyone except my 2 little boys. I couldn't. She gave us one of those kidney shaped trays, finished cleaning and left, I hope, feeling reassured. We will see if she stays in the pediatric office or requests a transfer.

Dr. E. checked Gavin. He has an ear infection, so we could start anti-biotics right away without waiting for the strep culture which we had YET to get from Gavin. This time, I prepared Gavin for it. He tried to talk me out of it and I lied to him assured him Dr. E. is much faster and better at it. Dr. E. dressed me and Gavin in gowns, put Gavin on my lap so I have better control of his extremeties and somehow convinced Gavin to open up for a 4th time. He even convinced Gavin to close his eyes so he wouldn't see it coming and react before he got there. Gavin followed the instructions, it lasted 1.7 seconds and we were finished. Turns out Dr. E. IS very good at this. Gavin said, "That's it?" Yup. We started out the new year meeting our deductible as soon as possible paid, left and filled our script.

He was VERY sick all day with a high fever and sore throat. He laid around watching TV and playing video games all day, wanting me RIGHT by his side the majority of the time. This morning we have started with another high fever and a morning vomit. My sick little Kindergartner looked into his barf bucket, overcome with the initial relief that follows throwing up, and declared, "Look, I made a "C!" And to think I was worried about his missing school all week. There are learning opportunities EVERYWHERE!
Gavin can smile through just about anything. Here he just after the doctor visit.

For whatever reason, Gavin's ears get fire-engine red when he is ill.



  1. Way to go, Dr. E. He is a keeper. It is so hard when our little ones are sick, but I love how cuddly they get. I hope he is feeling better soon and that his illness doesn't pass to any of the rest of you. Take care.

  2. Good doc, good doc.
    This is the cutest boy on earth!