Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wow! Thanks Again

I received an award from a fellow blogger, My 5 Little Monkeys. Beware! Her site plays her favorite music if you are at work or someplace that needs to be quiet. Sometimes I just hit refresh to see what song will pop up next because I love them all.

I contemplated doing this just to see what people would say, but in the interest of simplicity, I will splain this award. I had no idea what it meant, but saw it on a couple sites I stalk. It does something to the HTML programming language on here, but if you look at the less than sign on its side and then a 3 next to it, it looks like a heart. So, even though Christina didn't know it, she was saying she 'hearts' my blog. (<3)

Because this is what bloggers do and because EC has had a rough go of things lately AND because I do less than 3 her blog, I am passing this along to Whatever blows my Skirt. I like seeing what she is up to and how she deals with life. Plus, she posted a blog the other day that makes me want to read more of something I think she doesn't even know the "more" of yet.



  1. Awwww, I'm so touched!! That is really very sweet - I've never received a less than 3 reward before :-) Thank you so much!! I have so many people that are worthy, I'll have to think about who to pass it on to... including you! I am so glad to have found your blog - or you found me - but whatever, I'm happy to read about your life as well everyday.

    And you're right, I don't really know the "more" yet, but I've been working on it all day, and I have a backstory so I think I'm just going to have to start from the beginning and see where it leads me.

    And yes! Even with a husband who is dealing with cancer, I think you'll find a lot of inspiration with this book. The cancer is almost the 2nd or even 3rd story of the book - it is a truly wonderful book that is full of humor about the situation as well as some gut wrenching parts... but those are probably so much a part of your life that you can relate quite well. I think for sure that you should pick up a copy - it definately won't be too much for you.

    Thank you again for the wonderful award Angie!!

  2. Glad you like your award! I really did know what it meant I just like to live in my own fantasy world =)! I really do less than 3 your blog so keep blogging!!