Wednesday, January 16, 2008

And the mother of the year award goes to... *not me*

Okay, I am having one of those "low moments as a mom." Gavin (6) has been home from school for a couple of days with a VERY low grade fever and what he says is a headache. I hate when people send their kids to school sick possibly infecting all around them, so I vowed never to be one of those moms. However, with each dose of Motrin or Tylenol, he acts as healthy as can be and plays as if nothing is wrong. I was going to send him today after a quick dose of Motrin.

Last night, Gavin comes in my room at 2 (only 1 hour after I went to bed) proclaiming he has peed in the bed. Oh bummer, we forgot to put on a pull-up. Luckily, Daddy is gone this week, so he can just crawl in bed with me after we change clothes, and we don't have to worry about changing his sheets at 2 am. I ask him how he is feeling. "Not sick," he says. I give him a quick feel of the forehead with the back of my hand and my medical assessment is complete. However, he is breathing heavily and noisily through his mouth because his nose is clogged. I reach for a Kleenex, he sees me coming and cringes. He HATES to blow his nose and really doesn't know how. I don't get it, but it is what it is. I tell him he has two choices. He can either blow his nose if he wants to stay in bed with me, or go back to his bed which is still full of pee. "Gross," he says. I agree with him and he blows his nose. Now I can sleep without hearing Darth Vader next to me. We sleep for about 3 hours and at 6:45, he wakes. He is making lots of rustling noises and tossing and turning. I tell him to stop being so fidgety and then ask him how he is feeling. "My head doesn't hurt anymore." Great, I assume we are on the mend. He declares he is hungry. I tell him he can go downstairs and get a pop-tart and some milk because he is a big boy and he knows how to himself. He tosses and turns some more. I tell him it is time for him to leave my bed because Mommy is still sleepy and he is being too antsy. Go get some breakfast, turn on the TV and I will be down in a little bit.

About 45 minutes later (yes, I know I am terrible, but I truly fell back into a heavy sleep), Grant comes in asking for Gavin. I tell him Gavin is downstairs watching cartoons and eating breakfast. He leaves to investigate but returns in minutes declaring he can't find Gavin. I pop out of bed and immediately think of Elizabeth Smart taken from her own house in the middle of the night in Utah. I check out Gavin's room first and find him in his own bed. EWWW! Gavin, are you okay? One look and I know the answer. I feel him and I think his forehead actually singed my hand. YIKES! He won't even talk and just lays there. I can't believe this is the same child that was lying next to me just an hour before. I disregard the fact that he is currently snuggling up in sheets he peed in earlier to grab the thermometer. Our ear one has a low battery and does not take an accurate reading. I grab the only other I can find. It is a Celsius reading. I know that 37 C is 98.6 F (don't ask me how, it is just something I have memorized). I take it under his arm. It STARTS reading at 36.8, so I KNOW it is going up and up. I leave get him some Motrin and pour him some juice. The thermometer stops reading at 39.1. I go to the computer to convert this to Fahrenheit on the calculator, remembering as soon as I get there that I shut it off last night. It usually takes about 5-10 minutes to boot up, so I do the conversion on paper and come up with 103.38 after I add a degree for taking it under the arm. Pretty high for a 6 year old. I call the doctor and get Gavin in for 10:45. I am thinking perhaps Strep because he is now complaining his neck hurts. I am pretty sure he means throat and he won't open much more wider than about 1/2 inch, but we will see.

It is a low moment as a mom to realize that I banished, what I know now, to be my very sick child from my bedroom, and finding refuge no where else he chose his own urine-ridden sheets. YIKES!

On a positive note, though, I realized I remembered the Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion and I can still do multiplication of double and triple digit numbers on paper the way I learned in grade school.



  1. Angie, you are being WAAAY too hard on yourself, you did not banish Gavin, he said he was hungry and off he went. I have done this many times (not realizing how sick my kids were and kind of sluff it off, only to regret it later.) These things happen and Gavin at 6 years old you think would be able to tell you if he was still really sick. Kudos to you for being able to convert the temperature - I don't think I could!

    While you are handing out mother of the year awards, you can not hand one out to me too! I just finished cleaning up a trail of poop as I let my 22 month old run around in the buff because I had JUST changed a dirty diaper and we are working on the potty thing. Thank goodness we have mostly hardwood floors and I could clean up all of the poopy little footprints. (Why do they have to walk in it too?) I hope your day gets better and that you and the doctor have figured out what is wrong with Gavin and that he will get better soon.

  2. Catherine, That is WHY I don't have pets. I clean up enough human poop, still, too. Good luck with the potty thing. They are culturing Gavin's throat - he vomited in the office after the swab because he has such a strong gag reflex. He has an ear infection, too.

  3. Oh no! I hope the little guy is feeling better. Don't feel bad about sending him downstairs to eat, at that age a fever can spike and ruin a perfectly healthy kid in 2.5 seconds flat. So even though they're fine one minute, things can change instantly and there's no way any of us would be able to stay on top of it!

  4. Angie, when RJ was a baby and woke in the middle of the night two nights in a row (not his usual) I was determined to make him cry it out. ON night 3 I discovered he had an ear infection.
    Don't stress... it happens to us all!

  5. Yep - the rapid conversion ability definitely makes up for the banished child incident - especially when done under extreme duress !!! Is he okay now? I hope he is - I'm sure you would have said if he wasn't. What's up with their temperatures hiding for a while and then flairing like that? This happens around my house all the time! I hope he's okay and you got those sheets changed.

    Thanks Angie for your nice comment on my post - you are certainly a good friend and I hope you know that I feel honored to have met you and am enjoying getting to know you and love your writing and your stories. Take care and I'll see you soon. Kellan

  6. Aww, poor little guy and poor you. Well, by that time the pee was probably dry. If not, it probably felt nice and cool on his hot body.

  7. Angie, I just LOVE you for posting this. Although, I think we were twins separated at birth. You are too hard on yourself, just like I am so often.

    I'll say a prayer for Gavin tonight, I'm sure the antibiotics have kicked in already. What a little trooper! He's just sooo cute!

    And, uh, I could NEVER convert celcius to Farenheit...especially in the a.m. before my coffee. Your brain has more wrinkles than mine does. That's a good thing.