Monday, May 26, 2008

Vacations, Holidays, Summer and Tests

Hi. I'm back. Miss me? Spent another weekend with my family. My sister and family and my mom and dad came for the 3 day weekend. Spent lots of time drinking microbrews bonding and playing with the kids. Mindi is due in 7 weeks, so it is great to have a go-to, no coin-toss discussion necessary DD for now. Actually, I was a very good girl this weekend, too, because the calories are just becoming "not worth it" to me. Every time Mindi and Matt come, we have crappy weather. This weekend was no exception CONSIDERING IT IS THE END OF MAY. So, it was in the low 50s when they arrived on Friday. Got into the 60's on Saturday and rained some of the day. Sunday it was cool in the am, though it was not supposed to be, and was extremely cloudy and WINDY would be an understatement. Never stops us from having a good enough time, though. Had some smoked ribs because I totally swiped my brother's cooking methods am really good at it and we had a few people over including Brian's older brother and family. Ended with a backyard fire and some smashmallows (affectionately named at chateau KEEP BELIEVING)over the open pit. Finished up with more whipping wind and a thunderstorm. Aahhh, Central Illinois. Paradise.

So, you won't be hearing much from me for the next few weeks. We leave Friday for Wisconsin for a family vacation with Brian's family. Both brothers and their families will be present. Should be a very good time with lots of Euchre, fishing, and mosquitoes swimming. We get back Thursday and then the boys and I leave on Sunday, June 8 for Hilton Head for a week with my extended family. Should also be a good time if I can convince Gavin he will not be 1)eaten by a shark 2)swallowed by a whale 3)stung by a jellyfish 4) pinched by a crab - all of which are very real threats in his mind right now. This is our first trip to a swimable ocean. Vancouver and the nearly sub-zero Pacific water do not count as far as I am concerned. (Though I DO SO LOVE VANCOUVER) In between those trips, I have to do laundry, unpack, pack, clean house, cook meals, grocery shop, exercise, lose 5 pounds, pay bills, balance accounts, water plants, take care of landscape, solve world peace, get boys' haircuts, attend tee-ball games, and find energy and time to sleep with my husband, PERHAPS EVEN in the Biblical sense every once in a while. Let's just say blogging is pretty low on the priority totem pole for the next few weeks.

Brian's tests: Thursday, May 29 at 8:30 am, Brian is scheduled for his next MRI. This is the first MRI since we started this new chemotherapy/treatment plan of Avastin and CPT-11. The results of that MRI will be read to Brian on Monday, June 9th.

  • Elementary Pop quiz: When is Angie going to be in Hilton Head???? Did you say, June 8 -for the remainder of the week??? You are correct. In what state is Hilton Head? If you answered anywhere ocean-front, you get full credit. Does this put Angie IN Illinois or OUT of Illinois on June 9th??? Out of Illinois??? You are correct again. Does this make Angie FREAK OUT WITH NEARLY DEBILITATING ANXIETY that she will not be there for these results or rest calmly knowing Brian is in good hands with his folks? Did you say Panic Attacks??? You are correct again! Hey, you don't have to add that she is being ridiculous. There will be no extra credit for that.

In the meantime, Brian continues with the next round of chemo tomorrow with his friend, John, as his companion, husband of my good friend, Heather. How is Brian fairing? Brian's hair continues to slowly fall out, but he does okay with it in general. He is more tired than usual, but not excessively so. He has been especially helpful and supportive around the house lately and with the kids. He doesn't sleep great, but some days are not so bad. He doesn't feel good for about the first 3-4 days post treatment. He is run-down, sort of sick feeling, and just all around "off" for those few days. He rebounds a bit by day 5, rallies on day 6 and pretty good by day 7.

  • Pop Quiz #2. When are we leaving for Wisconsin? If you answered THIS FRIDAY, you answered correctly. When is Brian having chemo?? Did you say Tuesday, tomorrow?? You are correct again. You sure are smart. What day of Brian's cycle does that have us leaving??? Day 4???? Good answer! What day does Brian usually start to semi-rebound??? Day 5? Wow. Your memory is awesome! So, if history serves, would Brian be feeling good or NOT SO HOT, the first couple days of our trip??? Not so hot, right!

The above 2 pop quizzes would be the basis for our biggest prayer requests right now:

  1. Brian feels good on our family vacation
  2. Good/favorable test results on June 9
  3. Relaxation/trust/faith for Angie during those test results for which she will not be present.
  4. Safe travels
  5. Lower gas prices - oh wait, I am not sure if even I believe God can perform that miracle.



  1. Will cover them all--except the gas prices!

  2. Praying for everything on your lists...even the gas prices!

  3. AnonymousMay 27, 2008

    I am sending my prayers your way.. and I can't even talk about gas prices without getting upset..

  4. I am praying!!!
    We are praying for lower gas, too! We are driving (12 hours) to Charleston, SC on Friday. SO....we feel the pain of the gas!

  5. I will definitely keep praying for you guys and to stay strong.

    Good luck on convincing him he won't have any problems with sharks, etc! And on the 5 lbs!

  6. Our gas price hit $4.07 this weekend. I am going to start riding my bike to work I think. :-/. I am praying for you Angie... and the boys. Have a wonderful time out there!

  7. Hey, Ang. Have a great trip (trips). Wish we could go with you. I am having withdrawal from the beach, friends, Euchre, relaxing, etc. We are always sending prayers and happy thoughts your way. Take care.

  8. AnonymousMay 27, 2008

    My Hilton Head is in July...bummmer.

    OK..major prayers..and hey, if God can do anything about the gas prices I am sure he would..unless there is a method to his madness. Hmmm you never know.

  9. Will pray for all of it Angie. Sincere best wishes are being sent your way.

    Enjoy the land of cheese (my state so I must give a shout out)!

  10. lots of prayers coming your way!!

    also big congrats on your award from kristen!! well deserved :)

  11. Have a fun trip!! Hope the results are good -- I will be thinking of you and Brian.

  12. HI, Its been a while since I have been able to come and see your blog. It looks great. It looks like you were able to use the link I left for you, for the free three column page.

    I'm glad I found your page again, its too easy to get lost in the web. I will make sure that I say a few prayers for you and your family, it sounds like you need them. Im going to pray for the GAS too, even though I totally feel like you do on that one.
    Take care and have a great time OFF.

  13. AnonymousMay 27, 2008

    You have way more energy than I do, my friend! I'll pray for test results and calm nerves.
    KEEP BELIEVING, the Lord is sovereign.

  14. Many, many prayers your way. And ugh on the gas prices - isn't it nice just in time for summer travel?

  15. Hmmm. I'll add it all to my thoughts and prayers. Try and have a good time getting away. If it makes you feel any better gas costs are really CHEAP in the USA compared to what they are over in Europe. :)

  16. Hope you have great trips and that the tests come back with even GREATER news.

    (Insert Stink-eye) Where's your AllMediocre button, missy? :0)

  17. AnonymousMay 28, 2008

    Hooooly Moly! That is one full plate! Good luck and prayers to you and your family with everything that's coming up!

  18. AnonymousMay 28, 2008

    i'm so sorry. i got two wrong! =) praying for you and yours-BELIEVE IT!

  19. Wow!! Talk about busy! Be safe and my prayers will be with hubby!!

  20. Lots of prayers . . . Take care, you!