Friday, May 16, 2008

Spring Cleaning Discovery #2 - Lost and Found

Last night, during my bi-weekly gno (girls night out) (see, you think I don't take care of myself. It is Brian who needs more nights out), my good friend, S, got a phone call. We all dread the cell phone calls for fear of a night cut short due to a sick or unruly child or a babysitter issue. This was her husband. He called her to ask her where the remote was. I. Kid. You. Not.

Who else can relate?

I am beginning to think one of my sole purposes in life is to either inform my fellow home dwellers, who all happen to be male, where everything precious to them is located or to assist in finding said precious things. In my cleaning of the garage a few weeks ago, I discovered two hats, three missing gloves and a jacket layered between toys in the garage. With the very cold and snowy winter that graced us this past year, I will admit I didn't shuffle through the garage looking for lost and found type items very often. I bought new. Or I made the boys wear cloth mittens or *gasp* their HOODS when they were outside playing when we couldn't locate their bundling accessories. I also found the heads to action figures (although now I can't find the bodies), the marbles to random games, and the guns to Star Wars figures, which happen to be the size of my pinky toe nail (did I mention I have size 5-1/2 feet?) and tend to be the same color as my carpet (the guns, not my feet). I am not denying that sometimes the last I see of these type of objects is just before they are suctioned into my trusted Kenmore vacuum. Due to my slow reflexes. And sometimes not.

This is typical of every day of my life. I find their stuffies (stuffed animals), their socks, their shoes, their toys, their baseball gloves, their lightsabers, their games, their pencils, their homework, their books, their Nintendos, etc. All discarded between couch cushions, car seats, in their closets and under tables/beds for the first more enticing activity that beckons them.

And despite finding all of these things, I often ponder whether or not to return them. How long before they ask for them? Do they even know they are missing? They must not care about them.

Then I come across my own pitfalls. As I was cleaning out the console in the van a few weeks ago, I came across my long lost Poi Dog Pondering CD. I stopped looking for it about 2 years ago. I stopped asking and talking about it not because I wasn't fond of it, quite the contrary, but because, well, I was responsible for its placement and I simply couldn't find it. So, I guess I can't judge. Oh and did I tell you about that one time I couldn't find my passport and we were leaving for Europe in EIGHT DAYS? Guess who found it? Brian. Yes, the same man who can't find his jacket hanging in the closet some days. The same man who can't find the butter in the fridge that I just told him was on the second shelf behind the beer ketchup.

So, I guess it all evens out. We are a family. We help each other. We find each other's things. We leave our messes for metidy each other's messes.

For now, I should be thankful they need me in that respect. It won't be long when they won't.



  1. And I debated this morning about whether or not to take pictures of all the junk my hubs left laying around this morning when he left. I've picked up so much stuff and took out the garbage that HE filled up! Argh...and then...I realize that over all, it's a blessing to have a husband, a wonderful husband, to pick up after...who is at work so I can stay home with my kids.

    I'm glad you get a's SO nice to get out of the house with friends...and only have to feed yourself! hee!!

    I'm going out tonight, yahoo!

  2. My sister insists that a UTD (Uterine Tracking Device) is often required to locate missing objects.
    Sometimes, even THEY malfunction.
    She started Charging her older children MONEY if she told them where to find something and they still insisted that she come and find it. They gat better at looking/listening. $$$$ talks.
    Blessings, EJT

  3. You should have seen what we found when we we had to take the back seats out of the Jeep. OMG!!!!!!!!!

  4. AnonymousMay 16, 2008

    I can totally relate. My firstborn unfortunately takes after his father - neither of them can find anything which isn't at that moment balanced on their nose.

    They will pick something up at point A and on their way to point B will casually dump it at point C. Two minutes later we are all tearing the house apart looking for it.

    My son is classic for saying "I can't find it Mommy. It's too hard. You find it. I'm just not very good at finding things". I want to argue but I do actually believe that it is genetic. At least, I have never managed to cure his father in 16 years.

    (PS I found you thru

  5. 3 of my 4 Mac boys are hopeless, and helpless when it comes to finding anything and everything! Talk about FRUSTRATING!

    However, we're blessed with a #2 son who is the family "finder" of anything and everything!

    that whole remote scene... typical Mac Male Madness!!!

    Elizabeth- your sister is a genius!

  6. They'll always need you.

    It's not their fault they don't possess a built-in Uterine Tracking Device!

  7. Men can be so clueless, uh!? I wish I got that many GNO's! You are so lucky girl.

  8. I can relate. My husband called me once to ask where the Christmas lights were for the house. The ones he took down and put away the year before.

  9. AnonymousMay 18, 2008

    Sweetheart finds my glasses at least five times a week. He threatens to buy me a chain to wear them on...but he secretly loves being my hero.

    I have a new rule...DO NOT call my name from another room to ask me where something is...especially if you are standing in front of the fridge with the door open. Find it your own *()&^*(& self.

    I just started my period.

    Much love, my friend.

  10. AnonymousMay 18, 2008

    All I can say is Brian and the Boys sure are lucky!!!!!!!


  11. You know, the best is when they ask where something is and
    A. it is sitting right in front of them and you can see it but they clearly can't.
    B. You re holding it in your hands for them, wisely anticipating their question.
    C. THEY are holding it in their hand and don't realize it while going on a tirade as to the fact that it is lost and gone forever.

    Yeah, that is the best . . .

  12. AnonymousMay 19, 2008

    My husband called me one time screaming at me to know where the eggs were. EGGS. Are you kidding me? Yeah, I keep them in the cabinets. grrrrrrr.

    And I can't even begin to count how many times I do clean up projects around my house and find stuff that has been lost for what feels like years!!

  13. Oh the things that were lost and found in our move!

  14. AnonymousMay 19, 2008

    I'm the guy who called asking about the remote. All I can say is I have bigger things to think about than where the remote is. Like paying bills. making more money. protecting my family. The remote needs to be on the table next to my beer.

    If the remote is moved while I'm AT WORK my wife should keep track of where it goes and make sure to place it back in the space where the dust outline is.

  15. AnonymousMay 19, 2008

    Because the last time I had control of the remote was....

    Oh, I can't even remember!! (with 3 kids who watch Spongebob and a hubby...)

  16. Around here I'm the Queen of Can't Find It Land. Hubby swears I look for stuff with one eye closed, one hand over the other one with the other hand outstretched as I feel my way in the dark. LOL! But that's OK. He'd be lost if I didn't need him to come find me all the time.