Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day, Translated

Since when did Mother’s Day turn into a day all about the kids? I thought it was a day of pampering mom.

I was mildly pampered.

Brian told me he was gonna make me breakfast in bed. Translation: Brian suffered from his nightly insomnia, considered just staying up and making me breakfast, but fell soundly back to sleep at the time I had to get up to get myself and the boys ready for church, so we all had cold cereal (Frosted Flakes, because I am all about pampering myself on mother’s day and all) Except for Brian who got up and made himself an egg 5 minutes before it was time to leave, causing me to rush everyone into the “get-your-shoes-on-NOW-it’s-time-to-go” frenzy.

We were supposed to go to Brian’s folks for a fish fry with Brian’s brother and his family, but someone from each family was sick and we cancelled it. Translation: I had the dessert I was scheduled to bring in the oven causing me to gain 5 pounds at the THOUGHT of the entire dessert in my house knowing Brian’s lack of sweet indulgence and my INABILITY to stay away from those chocolate chip, caramel brownies. (Feel pants constrict)

The boys decided to make me another card. Translation: The scissors, paper and tiny paper clippings are still waiting to be reorganized and reshelved.

Since our plans were cancelled, Brian decided a movie was a good idea, seeing how the weather for the day consisted of a balmy 50 degrees, hurricane force winds and arctic rain. Gavin decided I should get to choose the movie since it was Mother’s Day and all and he is so sweet and considerate. I suggested a nice princess movie since I am a girl and it is mother’s day and all, but sweet considerate Gavin said, “Mom, the movie you want to see starts with 'sssssss.'” Translation: Speed Racer.

I got to relax and enjoy a movie at the theater. Translation: I The kids ate way too much popcorn and soda. The boys hung on me and whined during all the slow, but essential too-complicated-for-a-kid-movie plot development scenes, Grant belly-laughed at the 'Spritle kicks a thug in the nads' scene, and I had to take one of the boys to the bathroom no less than 3 times during race scenes.

“We should have whatever Mommy wants for dinner.” Translation: Due to the cancelled dinner plans and the lack of any plan or thought for the day’s meal - Arby’s. The kids loved it.

Brian would put the kids to bed that night. Translation: Brian crashed on the couch around 7:30, so I put the kids to bed when their incessant fighting nearly drove me to manslaughter (although I think I had a good case for self-defense because listening to them argue all day was torture.)

I didn’t have to do much of any housework. Translation: Aside from the dishes Brian washed from the lunch he prepared everyone (leftovers), I just have an extra day’s worth of filth, clutter and laundry to handle.

Angie tends to exaggerate. Translation: Despite all of the above, I had a nice day surrounded by my family and enjoy making myself the martyr in it all, anyway.

So, when did Mother’s Day become all about the kids? Translation: Oh yeah, the day those kids made me a mother.



  1. Now that sounds like the most awesome typical Mother's Day ever!

  2. Arby's and Speed Racer? You are a lucky gal. I hope that Emile Hirsch and Matthew Fox took off their helmets so you got to enjoy their hotness a bit!

  3. Thank goodness, us mothers are all flexible. You clearly demonstrate this. Happy Belated Mothers Day to you. I am glad your kids made you a mother!

  4. You crack me up! Your posts are always so creative - I loved this!

    Nice to see you - take care - Kellan

  5. Sounds like a normal mother's day to me. lol sigh.

  6. I haven't eaten at an Arby's in eons! Sounds yummy. At least no clean-up involved. Sorry you didn't get pampered, but you are SO right on about how the kids make you the mother. That they do!

  7. AnonymousMay 12, 2008

    Ahhh, excellent!
    I love Arby's, but it makes me toot.
    Aren't you glad I told you that?

    Haven't been to the theater in ages. Yeah, I said 'ages'. ;-D

  8. Ah the joys of motherhood. We are so selfless, even on our 1 day meant to be spent on ourselves. How ironic is it that we too had roast beef sandwiches for dinner on Mother's Day?? :)

  9. after all that... you still make me want a whole houseful of kids! I'll pass on the Arby's though. :-)

  10. AnonymousMay 13, 2008

    i'm a little ashamed to admit that i manipulated my mother's day to work out in my favor...!

    i got tired of feeling unpampered!!!!! on this 'special' day!

    even then-the hubs gave me a beautiful yankee candle and my mind said-'i don't get it? how many times do i have to remind him that buying the most EXPENSIVE candle out there does not make wifee more happy! i'd be so happy w/ that $5 walmart one i 'pointed' out the other day!' but my mouth said, 'oh, i love this scent! thanx sweets!' and my heart said, 'he must really like me to sacrifice the $.'

    oh tag a single day for perfection is just never going to happen. i'm w/ you on the brownies, yummie!

  11. Thanks for coming by my blog and a Happy (late) Mother's Day.

    I just read a couple of your recent posts and I'll be back. My prayers and best to all of you.

  12. I only got to see half of Speed Racer this weekend because the slow, story development sections were too long for mine to does it end????

  13. AnonymousMay 13, 2008

    Happy Belated Mother's Day Angie.. I am so sorry for not being around to wish you on the day.. I was just tending to my sick kids (yes now it is plural.. ugh)

    I believe you and I get a redo? :)

  14. AnonymousMay 13, 2008

    ps. I ate fruit loops for Mother's Day as my dinner. :)

  15. Happy Kids Day!! You're right...we wouldn't have our own day if it weren't for them.

  16. hahaha. I love it. Greg had planned to take me to Speed Racer with the boys but when he read the reviews he thought it would be too boring for our 2 and 4 y/os. So scratch that. And then we ate at McDonalds. So the fact that you actually made it to a movie and ARBY's? Wow.

    Overall a great day!

  17. Oh you're a hoot. If this wasn't the post of mother's day award, I don't know what was.

    For the record, I'm envious of your Frosted Flakes.

  18. AnonymousMay 13, 2008

    Arby's sounds better than my fancy dinner of mac-n-cheese!! (yes, macaroni! it was afterall what the kids wanted and it was their day, right?) I am sure your day was fantastic though, as was mine. I hope to see you Thursday night! Happy belated Moms' Day!


  19. So nice that Mother's Day was all about you . . . and you were "pampered" and "well rested."

    Oh, to be a mom . . .

  20. Great post, Angie! I am sorry you didn't get more pampering, though. :)


  21. AnonymousMay 14, 2008

    I LOVE this post! It sounds like many the Mother's days I've had. Arby's is yummy!

    Have a great rest of the week!

  22. :-)

    PERFECT Day!!!

    You, hubby and the kids... You mean you were expecting angel children... lounging in your reliner eating bon bon's and watching chick flicks?

    I don't think that's until they are out of your house and grown...

  23. Ah I am a blessed woman. Even my three year old SON likes the A&E version of Pride & Prejudice...We watched it as a MARATHON
    Last Easter! Snorkie thinks he IS Darcy...Points to Darcy on the cover and then there's a kid with NO self-esteem problems!
    Fro Mother's day I got some of the best things in the world:
    We watched the 1968 OLIVER! as a picnic in the Family room with take-out Chinese Food after visiting my MIL and having my husband play piano while the girls danced for her (her favorite thing). I kept reminding my DH that "it's not about us" when things didn't go as planned.
    None of us ate lunch because Hubby didn't think of it and I was too pooped to remember that the kids needed food. Boy, did we eat well that night!
    Oh, and we started the day at Mass, which was the best gift!
    Blessings, EJT

  24. Ah yes.... I know those translations all to well. ;) Happy Mother's Day.

  25. So, it sounds like every day is that special day known as Mother's Day where we get treated just like our families think a mother should.

    Luke told me he hated Mother's Day and wished we could just skip it right after I told him Mother's Day meant he had to do whatever I asked him, including giving me a kiss. I did wrangle one or two out of him, though, and my boys treated me to a pretty special day.

  26. Love it! And if it weren't for martyrdom what would mothers discuss amongst themselves! ;o)

  27. I was laughing the whole way through. You are quite funny.... My Mother's Day was good this year for the 1st half of the day. The second half I was on my own with 5 kids. Hubby had to fly out of town for 4 days for work...
    Mommy of 5