Monday, May 19, 2008

Spring Cleaning Discovery #3 - Summer Plans

Moving on in my Spring Cleaning/Time Reprioritization theme. While determining where my time is best spent for my family and my home life, it also become evident that too much home time together sometimes drives us all a bit crazy. And when I say crazy, I mean boys hitting each other over the head with large blunt objects and mom screaming all day for some quiet (which I realize is in its very self contradictory to my quest for quiet). So, we also made some summer plans. And when I say WE made summer plans, I mean, OTHERS made those plans, and we LEECHED onto those plans.

First on the agenda - a weekend visit from my sister and her family for Memorial Day including a minor league baseball game and hopefully, some golf for the kids. And when I say golf, I do not mean the kind that includes putting through a large windmill or into a castle, unless of course, they insist, and by insist, I mean, cry.

Next, a week trip to Wisconsin with Brian's entire family including a water park then a rustic resort in Northern Wisconsin. And when I say rustic resort, I mean TV is included, but not DVR. Swimming pool, recreational lake, trails, playground, tennis courts, restaurant, cabins, and fishing. And when I say fishing, I mean worms for boys, MARGARITAS for me.

After that the boys and I will meet my family in Hilton Head for a week. My extended family planned a vacation to Hilton Head some months ago and asked us to be part of it, but we could not commit for various reasons, and when I say various reasons, I mean, CANCER. Those various reasons caused the above Wisconsin trip to form and also prohibit Brian from attending due to other circumstances, and by other circumstances, I mean CHEMO. After conversations, brainstorming and investigating, we determined the boys and I could fly with frequent flyer miles that expire in a few months anyway for almost nothing, and by nothing, I mean $30 (total). We have a very tight vacation budget, and thirty dollars fits into that budget along with ALMOST NOTHING ELSE.

When we return, the boys will attend a week long vacation bible school just up the road, and that almost sums us June. July is free and open right now except for one minor event right in the middle and when I say minor event, I mean A NEW BABY. My sister, who also happens to be my very best girlfriend in the whole wide world, is expecting a girl, who is yet to be named, because she told her 3 year old son what they were thinking of naming that girl and he named the baby goat at memaw and papa's that very same Savannah. In my family, it is acceptable to have an animal named AFTER a HUMAN, but not acceptable to have a human named AFTER an ANIMAL, because we are rednecks refined like that. ANYWAY, I feel very attached to my sister's pregnancies because I have never been with child, so I like to live it through her as close as I can, good and bad, and by the bad, I mean, of course, the baby weight.

That brings us to August. The kids start school in August, so we have like a million back to school activities, which means, literally 3. Kindergarten back to school night, the rest of the school back to school night and back to school shopping. We also have like a gazillion weddings, which also literally means 3. Two cousins and my brother. So, that brings us to the end of summer. The end.

Oh yeah, other events we would like to sprinkle in there - swimming at the pool, teeball games, time at each grandparent's house, a Cardinal's game, time at the park, playdates, etc., all while Brian continues to undergo chemo. THAT brings us to the end of my sanity the summer. THE END END.

This is WHY we plan activities all summer:
This is what my boys do when they have a million hours in a stroller together at Disneyworld.

This is what my boys do when they have 3.7 seconds together posing for a picture with their cousin.

The End End End.



  1. Oh dear. Boys! BOYS! I have so much to look forward to, don't I????

    Sounds like an amazingly busy summer!!

    Drink some margaritas for me! :)

  2. AnonymousMay 19, 2008

    Your are killing me today.. First the boogers and now this..

    The pictures are priceless..

    And Hilton Head.. ahhhhh.. that place is BEAUTIFUL I was there once.. I need to go back.. Can I sneak in your suitcase?

  3. AnonymousMay 19, 2008

    Grr...comments are not my friend today, trying again.

    Tell me when you are going to HH so I can see if we can have a cocktail together while not watching the boys play in the sand.

  4. Oh that was PERFECT. Seriously, those last 2 pictures said it all.

  5. Sounds like a great summer - lots of opportunities for head hitting! :)

  6. Love it. Um, it's not just boys, the girls do it too. Sounds like a GREAT summer. I need to get that organized...

  7. You will be busy but in a good way. I just want you to know that I am still praying for and thinking of you guys.

  8. AnonymousMay 20, 2008

    Wow! You are soooo organized...compared to me, at least. I'm just hoping grandma and grandpa rescue me...and often.
    We have one measly trip planned.
    Yay for you.
    It will FLY by, you know.

  9. We're not traveling too much this summer but I sure did sign those girls up for every sort of day camp I can find. I'm going to need a little sanity myself this summer!

  10. I love that post! Hopefully we can sprinkle in a visit with you guys this summer.

  11. Just found your blog. Love it!

    Will be back. :)


  12. love the picturs of brotherly love! :)

  13. WOW! You are going to be busy. The first day of school will happen before you know it.

    You know I'm going to find my way into seeing you at least once in there!

  14. Whoopee! Have a great time on the trips. The boys will run themselves is to be hoped! We are headed to Illinois and then to Wisconsin to their lake house (tiny) with our family
    (5) and hers (9- or at least some of them)...should be interesting!
    Oh, and we drive...15 hours...Thank the Good Lord for the DVD player in the car!
    Blessings dear, EJT

  15. You all have lots of great plans!! It sounds like a great summer!!

    Nice to see you Angie - take care - Kellan

  16. Wow! I'm very impressed by your plans and your $30 tickets!

    I hope you all have a fabulous time. And when I say fabulous, I mean peace and quiet :)

  17. You have so much going on!!! It is odd that I look forward to being that busy with J?

    Hilton Head may be our vacation destination this year! I hope so . . .

    So understand the redneck comment :) And, I love what you said about your sister. My sister and I are the same way.

    BTW--can you forgive me about U2? Now, if someone gets me some free tickets to one of their concerts, I might be willing to change my mind.

  18. I want a margarita after reading about all your plans! :)

    Oh, I did get my compost bin, but hubby decided it was too tough to get parts to make it himself (besides, he found one at Costco for $100). It's not a tumbling kind, but we're using earthworms to speed up the composting- I'll let ya know how it works!

  19. I am looking over my computer to two boys doing that very thing. It is loud too. Take me with you...

  20. Aww, come on now, Angie! It can't be all that bad! They are smiling, for cryin' out loud! (ducking to avoid the shoe you just threw at my head) LOL!

    Sounds like you've got a great summer planned. Hope you all have a great time.