Sunday, December 20, 2009

tootin my own horn

Lately, the boyz have been all about blanket forts. Forts in the computer room using my my computer chair. Forts in the family room taking my kitchen chairs and leaving them all nilly-willy in front of the TV. Forts in the basement using every blanket imaginable draped over barstools, airhockey tables, my treadmill and whatever else they can find to anchor an all-too-heavy fleece blanket or 5 pound flannel quilt.

I thought about explaining the basics of structures to they boyz - how their choices of materials (fleece, flannel, etc.) are not the wisest for building a place beneath which they could play without having a roof collapse or using too many supports scattered throughout. Because all experienced fort makers know that a lighter and larger surface like a BEDSHEET is the most logical and effective fort-maker. However, being a smart mom, I also know that telling them this will now ensure my family room, computer room, and basement are not only laden with blankets, but now BEDSHEETS. So, I didn't share my essential knowledge with them.

Until the other day when they asked for no less than 5 straight days if they could have sleepover in a fort in the basement.

Being the supercool mom I am, I caved and agreed. Being the smart mom and experienced fort maker that I am, I knew that their makeshift forts were not going to cut the mustard for durability in the event of an overnight stay. I knew that my services would be needed no less than twice an hour to mend and support their sub-par shacks.

So, being a cool mom, I constructed a fort made of bedsheets and half the barstools and supports they had become accustomed to needing. And I had a perfect little area for each of their sleeping bags and pillows and whatever EXTRAS they required for their basement campout. EXTRAS such as every stuffed animal known to man. EXTRAS like the Wii remotes and every Wii game we possess. EXTRAS such as a plastic baseball bat in order to beat up any sort of burglar that would find his way near the fort. EXTRAS such as every hot wheels car imaginable elaborately laid out as a booby trap for possible intruders.

Being a smart mom, I ensured the the fort was JUST big enough for TWO. I slept in the spare room just a few short steps away from their 100% cotton, 400 threadcount castle.
I think the half day of clean-up required the next week to tidy the remnants of the night has cured them of wanting to do this anytime soon. Because I was cool enough to let them do this and to construct the fort myself, but I was smart enough to make them clean up the mess.



  1. Truly--is there anything better (as a kid) than a fort? I think not.

  2. Awesome. :) My boys do the exact same thing, except they sneak the clamps out of the garage to clip blankets to the chairs. LOL! They haven't asked yet for a sleepover in the fort, but it's a matter of time I suppose.

  3. Your awesome Ang...I wish I had an ounce of writing talent. The way your write, I feel like I am there watching all the fort building maddness unfold in front of me :-). And, the fort tips are good for me as a mom of 2 boys!

  4. I meant to say YOUR writing talent...I can't even post a good comment...ha!

  5. Toot away! You did an awesome job!

  6. That is awesome - my girls are stuck in the "way too heavy" blanket phase of fort building. Maybe I should follow your steps into cool mom status and tell them about bedsheets!! What a memorable night for them!!

  7. Man, Grant is getting really big.

    And, will you GET OUTTA MY HEAD??? I was just thinking about writing a post on "how to build a fort". 'round here we use bedsheets and clothespins to keep the sheets in place. My kids want to use pillows, books, picture frames, etc to keep the sheets in place, which of course fall down and cause the fort to cave in. And break my tchotchkes. I know you love that word.

  8. You are a super mom :) Great photos!!!

  9. Cool and smart :) You're the total package ;-)

    LOVE the pics. My kids both currently have "tent forts" set up above their beds. Makes me feel claustrophobic.. they love it.

    How far camping out has come :-)

  10. Angie: Remember the little teepee for you and Mindi in Iowa? Fun, Fun, Fun. Maybe boys do forts and girls do teepees???? Great pics.
    Love you, Aunt Jane