Saturday, December 26, 2009

legendary traffic jam

Christmas night there was a traffic jam of legendary epic proportions at our house, or on our roof, our outside our windows, or in our chimney or something like that...

Thankfully, there were no accidents to report, and we didn't even need to install a traffic signal to assist the flow. Grant and I were discussing how the tooth fairy really gets the shaft on this whole gig, as we hid his tooth under his pillow - the tooth that literally fell out of his mouth onto his shirt at Buffalo Wild Wings (after one hefty tug from mom that only made him cry a little). Santa works one stinking night a year. The tooth fairy doesn't get a day off. I wonder if the tooth fairy gets double time for working on Christmas.



  1. I hope you are having a nice Christmas with the boys & your mom and dad !! Glad to hear the tooth fairy was able to find "her" way to Grants treasure.
    When you have time I will tell you the story of me TRYING to pull Jessica tooth one night when Kathy was gone and I was in charge !! See you soon.
    Love, Mike

  2. Hee Hee! Way to pull it off, and pull that tooth out, Mom!

  3. Wow! That tooth fairy was SERIOUSLY busy! She was in Texas just hours before she visited y'all!
    Ours was a molar...thank goodness she didn't forget this time. Whew!

    Merry Christmas, Angie!!

  4. i don't know if the tooth fairy gets holiday pay-but what about grant? :)