Friday, November 20, 2009


A few random thoughts and events.

1) My van has fruit flies. I know fruit flies need some sort of feeding/mating/breeding/hatching ground. The thought of finding whatever in my van that is their feeding/mating/breeding/hatching ground is more disturbing to me than the fruit flies. So, I live with the fruit flies now.

2) Grant lost his front tooth yesterday - the one that has been dangling from one side for two weeks, but would not fall out. A neighbor popped him in the mouth with a toy gun. Wish I had thought of that. Or that it was legal. I KID. I KID!

3) My kids awoke at 5:30 today. Well, one did. He was crying that his lost tooth was gone from his pillow, but nothing was there. I told him to check again. Turns out, when he turned on the light, he found a huge pile of fairy dust that looks a lot like glitter leftover from his last project and $2. His squeal woke up Gavin. Neither fell back asleep, but Grant laid his head back down very happily on the other side of the bed. That fairy dust was too messy. Now I am washing his stinkin' sheets that I just washed 3 days ago. Damn tooth fairy!

4) I miss cooking. I am no longer good at it. Groceries rot in my fridge.

5) Lately my kids are driving me nuts. They are whining and fighting and seem to have a severe case of cabin fever. And it is only NOVEMBER. Thanksgiving at my mom and dad's with room to roam should be proper medication for this fever.

That's it for now.



  1. Wow! The tooth fairy sure is a lot nicer and more creative at your house than at ours.

    Sorry they are driving you nuts. I chalk everything up to the sun going down way too early these days.

    I pray that your trip to your parents' is safe and special. I'll be praying for you on this holiday without Brian.

  2. Have I ever counted the many ways I love you? This post cracks me up. I soooo "get" you. Are you sure you don't want to move to Texas? :)

  3. He looks old! Suddenly.

    The good cook inside you will emerge again one day. Now is just not the time.

  4. The fairy dust is good...once the tooth fairy forgot to leave Aaron money...apparently she will still come while you are having breakfast downstairs!! I am with the "don't you want to move to Texas!!" and I know Will and Aaron would love it if you were close! We are keeping you in our hearts and prayers, Angie. Love, Karen

  5. Angie, When I think of what I am thankful for, I think of you. One of the greatest benefits of being in the family of Christ is getting to meet new sisters. You have brought tremendous perspective to my life--teaching me to be grateful for "little" things that I can so easily take for granted. Thank you, sweet Angie, for your honesty, your downright hilarity, and your faith--your real, transparent grapplings with God and what you don't understand--lived out in front of so many. I know that you write in a bubble and can't know all the lives your words touch, but one day you will. Jesus is remembering it all. I am one of those lives you have profoundly affected.

    Thank you, my dear Angie, and I thank our God every time I remember you.

    Love from Shawn from TN

  6. It was so good to see you last night - even if it was for just a short time! You are hilarious :} Glad you got to get away from them boys for just a little while.


  7. I never thought of the fairy dust glitter thing, what a cute idea.. and now my kids are too old for it!...

    Have a restful holiday -

  8. Angie, I have a quick trick to catching the fruit flies. Make this and put it in your cup holder and it will attract them I promise!

    *in a small mason or jam jar pour a quarter inch of oil ( veg, corn etc) , then pour in a half inch of apple cider vinegar and add about 4-6 drops of dishwashing liquid. Cover the jar with a double thickness of plastic wrap and place a rubber band around the lip of the jar to hold the plastic wrap taught. use a pen or pencil and poke 5 holes in the plastic so that it stays open a bit. Fruit flies love the scent, it reminds them of rotting fruit and they get inside the jar and fly down to the mixture and get weighted down by the dish detergent! a fantastic and non toxic concoction to rid your home or car of pesky fruit flies, discard it after a few weeks or as soon as the flies are all caught! hope it works for you! Shannon

  9. Isn't the tooth fairy just wonderful with the gifts she brings.

    I am amazed that he didn't pull it loose himself. Didn't he wiggle it?

    $2 for a tooth. I was lucky to get a quarter. Inflation for even the tooth fairy.

    God be with you today and every day, Karen W. in S.W. Ohio

  10. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your family! HUGS for you & your little men!