Monday, November 2, 2009

New Birthday Traditions

Happy Birthday to you....

Happy Birthday to You....Happy Birthday Dear Brian/Daddy....Happy Birthday to you!!
Today, You would have turned 37, dear Brian. THIRTY-SEVEN. And I would have reminded you 10 times in the last month how old you were because HONESTLY you had a terrible concept of years. You had no idea how old you truly were even when you were healthy.
This morning, the boys blew out candles on a package of cinnamon rolls. Grant got two candles to blow to balance the fact that Gavin found the only remaining green - your favorite color -candle.
Yesterday, we started a new Daddy birthday tradition. Since we can't buy you gifts, we bought ourselves gifts. This is a sampling of what the boys picked out:
Aside from being dreadfully alarmed that this is what Timothy McVeigh's childhood pictures may have looked like, I am pleasantly reminded from friends that boys are boys are boys are boys.
On another note, Mom got jewelry!
Isn't it lovely?

Seriously, though, I couldn't justify buying myself a gift when I have been spending plenty of money on house projects, painting, a few new articles of clothing, etc.
Anyway, Brian, we wish we could celebrate your birthday here with you today. I miss our own little private.... ahem.... birthday parties. The boys just want cake. I wish I just wanted cake.
I would think there are no birthdays in heaven. Not sure about that. From what I understand about heaven, there is no concept of time. How do you measure time in a place of eternity? So, while we know you are blissfully enjoying heaven, we remember you today. We celebrate you today. We miss you today.
And everyday.


  1. You should be proud of the traditions your building to honor Brian.

  2. I have been reading most every day but I think this is the first I've written anything. You are so amazing - How you must hurt but you just keep going and I admire you so for that. God bless you and your lovely family as you go forward each day with hope and trust in the future. I pray for you often.

  3. Yay! I'm hoping Brian would have picked you out a more sparkly spider ring than that, but it'll do. ;)

  4. Happy Birthday Brian.

    Love to you and the boys, Angie.


  5. Happy Birthday Brian. I think your wife and kids handled it very well.

  6. you're amazing and we love you

  7. How Wonderful to have an All Souls Birthday...and how appropriate.
    You have done such an amazing job with starting thosee "new traditions".
    Pax Christi, EJT

  8. Love you guys.

  9. A happy birthday and hugs to all of you there. The new Daddy Birthday tradition is a wonderful one, one that will stay with your boys forever. You're such a good mom. :)

  10. Beautiful post, and awesome teen photo... you guys are about seven years younger, but I remember that look!..those clothes!

    I'm sure Brian is beaming at your continued love for him, the wonderful way you honor him. Just by reading your posts in recent months I can see that yours is a true love affair.

  11. "I wish I just wanted cake." Oh, Angie, I am so sorry for the pain you are feeling. What an amazing woman you are, to come up with these new traditions for your boys!

  12. OMG I have that same pose for my high school picture. You know the one... where I'm wearing acid-washed jeans... and my hair is permed in the back and teased in the front... and my sweater actually looks like splatter paint.

    Who dressed me for that, anyway?

    I'm glad to see I was in good company. I see Brian also wearing the acid-wash jeans. heh heh.

  13. I have to giggle at your "this is what Timothy McVeigh's pictures must've looked like" comment. I'm laughing because my son would've picked out those very same things!! Apparently Timothy lives at my house, too! :)

  14. What a great idea to celebrate Brian like this! Oh, and I am so avoiding the whole gun thing as long as possible. But pretty sure in three years mine will look just like yours!

    Loving your ring too! :)

  15. Brian and I share the same birthday!

    I did a post like this last year for Shawn's birthday and I'm going to do it again this year as well.

    Hope today was an ok day for you.

  16. The acid wash jeans, the high top sneakers, ahhh memories. Interesting, I never thought about not celebrating birthdays in heaven, upside is we don't get older then! It seems that looking on the bright side is good medicine for the whole family. Still believing...

  17. Happy Birthday, Brian...and Angie I LOVE the new birthday tradition. Now the boys will have something to look forward to on this day every year, and they will probably always remember what they got on "Daddy's birthday",too.

    Loving you and learning from you always,

  18. You have the best blogs, sense of humor and great ideas for keep Brian's memory alive for yourself and your kids. You should be proud of yourself!


  19. Happy late Birthday, Brian!

  20. Great new tradition...
    and so boy!

  21. Angie: November 2 is also my youngest daughters birthday. She turned 28 and is an RN at our local hospital. Scorpios are definitely special people. You are doing a great job with the boys and you will never stop thinking of Brian but like you have said, not as much. You will have your special times.