Monday, November 30, 2009

before and after week - (Ma)Hannah

Hello to all!

This past couple weeks at Chez Angie, I have actually taken my camera from its bag and used it for its given purpose a few times. I was noticing that I have a few before and after shots of some things you probably couldn't care less about important events. So, I am dedicating this week to a before and after theme.

Today's Theme:

Me and Hannah. I call her maHannah, as if she were mine, even though TECHNICALLY she belongs to my sister and Matt. She was born in July of 2008 just before Brian took his more drastic decline. She was a breath of fresh air for me in a dark time of my life. When she would come to visit, as so many someones did during Brian's illness and dying process, (by the way so many someones? - the door is still open and the roads to Peoria are still in tact) she was a reminder of life and development and future - mmmmm..hahhhh, did you hear that? That was, again, that breath of fresh air. Also? She was the first girl born into my family after 5 grandsons on Brian's side in 14 years and 3 boys on my side in 11 years. So, again, Breathe it in and Breathe it out. That is fresh air - GIRL air!

Today's before:

Today's After:

Anyway, the before picture is on Thanksgiving Day. Me and maHannah. The after picture is me and maHannah after her face met the springs of the trampoline in the 2-1/2 seconds someone let go of her to get on the trampoline herself. Seriously, folks SPLIT SECONDS. Still, accidents happen, and beautiful little girls look like they get in bar fights and have liquid stitches, but still look beautiful. Just slightly mangled.

By the way, do you like my shirt I am wearing in the after pic? My good friend, Michelle, designs and sells those shirts. Happy Family Creations. You can get them to represent all the people in your family. I'm gonna get a new one that has just two boys on it since that after picture shirt is actually now my before shirt.



  1. Can you Sharpie a little halo over Brian?

    I love your before and after pictures. Sending kisses for yoHannah's head and hugs for you. XOXOXOXO :-)

  2. YoHanna is adorable. So is your shirt!

  3. Love YoHannah. She's a sweetie. And yep, split seconds - drives me crazy..

  4. YoHannah......precious!! I can't believe how much hair she has now! You werent chasing her with that dinosaur on the trampoline were you? Just kidding, poor YoHannah!


  5. I'm so sorry your dear shirt is a before shirt now. I like the halo idea.

  6. She really doesn't look too upset--it must be all the boy influence.

    Cheri is right about the halo--or maybe some wings?

  7. I love Cheri's idea about the shirt! Buy some sparkly, glittery gold paint & add a halo or wings. I realize that we don't become angels in Heaven, but it would get the point across to anyone who looked at it and you wouldn't have to buy a new shirt! :)

  8. Love your shirt!!

    I just wanted you to know I thought a lot about you this week during Thanksgiving. Hope everything went well for you.


  9. I have the only girl on both sides also...she came after her 3 brothers...that child has more bang ups then you can believe...we call her our girl-boy.
    But I know what you mean by fresh air!
    Hope your Thanksgiving was great!

  10. AAAHHHH...I gotta come back!!!
    Seriously, why can't those kids stop growing..
    I love how much hair Hannah has now!!!
    Hope your Thangsgiving was good:)

  11. This someone would come and visit if she still lived in Normal. Another drive across country this soon after driving Iowa and back in would do me in. But I'll be in IL this summer! :)
    Oh, and that shirt may have just saved me more heartache trying to find a gift for my SIL. Thanks!