Wednesday, August 5, 2009

hello? is this thing on?

Once again, a half-arsed post. Sorry.

Just letting you know we are here. We just returned from 9 days visiting family, attending a wedding shower, celebrating both my siblings' birthdays, and a few other fun activities.
Still waiting to see if the data from the video camera can be salvaged. If it can, they said it can cost upwards of $2000. Yes, you read that correctly. As in, TWO GRAND. Ouch. I never thought I would have to put a price on a memory. After talking to Grant today about Canada and what he remembers from two years ago, though, I think I will probably figure out a way to do it. He has almost no recollection of Daddy from two years ago ALREADY. So, I want to find a way to keep those memories of most recent events fresher in his head - a way to trigger them. Do you think all those people who contributed to the KEEP BELIEVING FUND would fall over if they knew part of their contribution and generosity went towards salvaging my stupid carelessness?

And since nothing seems to happen smoothly and easily in our lives, my credit card was cancelled while I was on vacation. When I tried to use my back up card, it was also declined. Turns out the first one was cancelled due to a security compromise and fraudulent charge possibilities. The first charge we verified was fraudulent. Turns out my back up card was cancelled several months ago due to inactivity for 2 years. Shows you how much I use it. A new one was Fed-Exed to me the day after my brother's birthday which is the day after my sister's birthday. So, instead of treating each of them and their spouses to a birthday dinner, which was my plan, they treated me. Bad timing. Or good timing, depending on how you look at it.

Here are a few pics from our back-up-point-and-click-battery-guzzler camera from the last two weeks.

the carnival:
Papa's tractor:

Kevin's birthday (our Flintstone sized steaks with Gaivn's Flintstone sized meatball and Chocolate dessert)


  1. memories of Brian = priceless

    Glad to see you hit the shut ins. Amazing place. Heather and I need to take our boys soon. Tell G&G we say hello.

  2. SO good to see your smiling faces again.

  3. I agree with stork.

    I love the shot of you and the boys on the rocks! Looks like you had a nice nine days (minus the whole credit card thing!)

  4. For goodness sake, use the money to salvage those memories. Keeping memories alive is very important.

    Love the photos.

  5. I agree with Verna. The purpose of the fund was to help your son's. Remembering Brian is the number one priority!

    Glad you had a great vacation. Was checking your website daily for an update. I know you cannot put "going on vacation" on the site and leave your home empty. There is no solution. I will keep checking daily to see how the three of you are doing.

    God Bless, your sister in Christ, Karen W.

  6. That money was a gift to you and your boys to spend any way you see fit, and you weren't stupid OR careless. Stuff happens. The memories are priceless.

    Also? I would like a Flintstone sized steak, too. :-D

  7. Hey Angie,

    It is great to see you and the boys enjoying yourselves. I can't believe how much bigger they look since we last saw them (2 years ago), time sure goes by quickly. I can't imagine what Joe would say if he noticed that Grant has his shoes on in the water. Take care, Beth

  8. While $2000 is alot of money it is totally worth it for the memories of Brian, your boys will appreciate it. I know anybody who contributed to the fund would think it a perfect use of the money!!!

    I think that slide ride is at EVERY carnival in the United States :) It was here last week! (Yes, I know it wasn't that EXACT ride, you know what I mean!!)

  9. Accidents happen...use the money to save the memories. You'll regret it if you don't!

    Enjoyed seeing the pictures and the update!

  10. I don't think you have a choice about retrieving the memories--and the rest of us owe you a thanks for reminding us to download frequently.

    Seeing those smiling faces is truly a balm.

  11. Use the money. In ten years will you look back and think "Oh, I wish I had used that money" and have the remorse of not having your memories kept alive? Or will you think "Meh." I'd bet you would think the latter.

    Long time reader, first time commenter. Praying for you and your boys.

  12. Awwww, these pictures make me wanna come back.
    Good to see you guys enjoying the summer!!
    Love you, Lio!!

  13. I wonder if there might be anyone who would be able to do this for less money. I think $2000 is nothing for the memories but if someone would be willing to do it for less as an act of kindness? Just wondering if you've already sent it in for the work to be done or if you are open to shopping around. I know I would be happy to shop this around for you. Either way - do salvage these memories - they are priceless.

  14. Wow! You were close to my neck of the woods...we love Elephant is our absolute favorite place to go. Although the day we went this summer was so stinkin' hot it wasn't quite as fun as normal. We had the pom puppy with us and he scaled all those rocks with my daughter. His leash only got him stuck once. Crazy stuff.
    I think that no one will mind if you use some of the fund to save memories for your sons. We all want them to remember their daddy!
    Here's to believing!!!

  15. I think I've spent more than $2000 on less important things in life before. I would do it an if the retrieval isn't all you hoped for maybe they will give you a discount. Glad to see some smiles on all your beautiful faces! What great pictures! Still in prayer for you and yours.

  16. Great pictures. I don't comment very often but I would have to say that if I were in your shoes and lost some video I would pay to have it recovered. (I would say you can't put a price on that but I guess you can, huh?!) And your kids will cherish that for years and years.

  17. It looks like the vacation was just what you all needed!

  18. the 2000 dollars out of the trust fund will be well spend money, the memories where the boys can always look back will be priceless.
    It is part of memorial fund. We can believe that there might be some else who could do it for less.
    I am so glad to see Happy smiling faces on the pictures of your Summer vacation.
    Keep believing, for someone to offer to retrieve the pictures for a good price.
    Love you Marjo

  19. That will be the best spent $2000 ever. Even if it's a crazy price they want to charge you. Praying that once they realize it's for your boys and it's the only memories they have of their dad that they give you a break but even if they don't it will be the best spent $2000 ever to recover those images and memories of Brian for the boys and you.

  20. Fantastic photos! Looks like you had a ball.

    Of all the things to spend our money on, I can't imagine anything more important than photos and videos that help preserve Brian's memory. Do not think about it for one second, just do it. You won't regret it. Those memories are priceless and everyone who contributed to the fund will be glad they could help.

  21. Angie - Maybe I missed the post about the video camera, but we were able to utilize our TiVo in conjunction with a Pinnacle capture system to grab old movies off old tapes from broken video cameras. Email me and maybe we can knock our heads together to figure out how to save your data without it costing 2 grand!

  22. Angie,

    Is your card a flash drive? If so, it is salvageable and it should not cost you $2000. Please email me at I believe I have someone who might be able to help you for less - if anything at all. He just needs more information.