Monday, August 4, 2008

what rocks and what sucks by Angie

I never have creative words for Brian's results day, so I thought I would give you my analysis of the day instead:

Sisters-in-law that babysit kids for free on said results day and then tell you to spend the day shopping ROCK!

Doctor's visits for any reason other than pregnancy (not that I would know on that one cuz infertility sucks, but adoption rocks) and well baby visits SUCK!

Fathers-in-law that spend the day with your hubby so you don't have to drive him crazy with your antsy-ness and can shop instead ROCK!

Back to school supply shopping with half the town SUCKS!

Having 5 of 25 checkout lanes open during lunch hour when half the town is checking out SUCKS!

Wal-mart's floor staff generally SUCKS! (though there are a few random rockers in there)

Finding all school supplies except HIGHLIGHTERS at one store both ROCKS and SUCKS!

KFC Boneless wings neither ROCK nor SUCK, exactly.

Chemo SUCKS!

Test results that show continued decrease in the area of enhancement and overall stable results ROCK!!!

Continue on the course which we have been following since April - Avastin and CPT-11 every two weeks as Brian continues to tolerate.

Next test and results will be in late September if all continues as is.



  1. Oh Angie! That is awesome that you guys are getting good results!

    And I think I'd agree with your choices on all the ROCKS and SUCKS you have going on ;)

  2. WHEW I just exhaled a big sigh of relief. That's awesome!

    And Walgreens has highlighters fo 9 cents! Go there! But don't forget your kids in the car.

  3. Have the last one that you tell us be ROCKS, ROCKS!!!!

    Yeah, so glad for happy news, and shopping for you. Even if it was at Walmart, during lunch hour, with half of your town. :)

    YEA for you and Brian.

  4. Okay I totally cheated and read teh last one first!!! YEA!!!!! I am do happy for you guys!!!!! I cannot use enough exclamation points here! :)

    Now to the other stuff on your list -- I agree %100. I get the list this week for my kids, that should be so fun :P

  5. So glad to hear that so many things ROCK right now.

    Sending you hugs and highlighters. LOL.

  6. Good news! Whew.

  7. yay! I'm so glad the test results ROCK!!! :-) Jorie

  8. Angie's post ROCKS! So glad the news was good for Brian and you!

  9. Praise God for the awesome news.

    Angie, thanks for the blog, you're writing ia just incredible.
    We all keep believing.
    Love Marjo

  10. Angie,
    Great news on the test results!! What a perfect way to start my day!
    Thanks for the lift!

  11. That's awesome! I'm so glad the news was positive!

    Did you buy anything good on your shopping trip? Or was it just school supplies?

  12. *raises glass with a deep exhale*


  13. amen! that does rock!

    half way done w/ school shopping...doing it on in two trips makes me feel better about doing all the shopping in one place! both suck and rocks! ;-)

  14. That is amazing news Angie - hope to hear more rocking news in September.

  15. Yay! So glad to hear Brian got good results yesterday!


  16. I think the ROCKING outnumbered the SUCKING...which is good. I mean..IT ROCKS :-)

  17. Oh good. No, make that oh, FANTASTIC! I'm so glad that things are going in the right direction. I was almost scared to read. Hugs to you all.

    School doesn't start here for a month, but maybe after reading this I'll get the kid's stuff next week, before the line-ups start...

  18. That's great, Angie! Congrats.

    It sounds like you have some wonderful family members on your side, too. Lucky girl!

  19. And especially that last one should receive at least two ROCKS! Yay hubby!! I can only imagine the stress you must be under...praying for continued improvement!!

  20. Wooo freakin Hooo!

    Angie....YOU ROCK!!!!!!

    Yay...Yay for you and Brian.

    and yes, driving around for those highlighters sucks.