Sunday, August 10, 2008

I think he has a future in political truth telling

Nothing besides what I have recently wrote about has been blogworthy in our lives the last two days. Personally, I feel that is an accomplishment considering what "could be" constantly in our lives. This is our last week before school starts. We are at a wedding on Saturday, in St. Louis on Sunday for a pool and piece of advice party (where each family member writes advice on a piece of paper to the college bound graduate), then off to my folk's to spend some time with my family for a couple days before we head to Paducah for the following weekend for my brother's wedding. (for which we actually came up with a gift to give the person who has or buys everything) Just thought we would throw as much as possible into the last week before school starts and our 1-1/2 year sleeping-in trend comes to a sudden and ABRUPT HALT with a 7:20 bus pick up. mmhmm 7:20 AM. My kids have not intentionally woke prior to 8:00 for 18 months.

Anyhoo, since my parents are still the last two remaining people on PLANET EARTH with dial up, I will not publish or comment while at their house for a few days. See ya when I return.

I leave you with this post I had sitting in my "never been published" area since March.

Grant got some Flarp for his birthday. When you push your fingers in the putty, it makes flatulent sounds. Yes, every 5 year old boy in the free world needs something else to add to his obsession with bodily functions. Flarp’s saving grace is that it smells like Skittles.

When putting the boys to bed Sunday night, Brian disrupted the process by bouncing in and flarping a few times, then leaving. Grant, naturally wanted to try it again before he went to sleep.

Me: No more. We are done.
Grant: Just one more – so Daddy can hear a loud one.
Me: No.
Grant: Why?
Me: Because it is time for bed. AND because you were not responsible and you lost the lid to it.
Grant: I didn’t lose the lid.
Me: Then where is it? (knowing he has looked for it already today)
Grant: I just *hided* it.
Me: Where?
Grant: Ummm… Someplace really good.
Me: Grant, it is time to get the lid from the hiding spot and put it on the Flarp since it is time for bed now. So go get it from its really good hiding spot.
Grant: ummm… I think I *hided* it so good that I can’t *bemember* the hiding spot.
Me: Then that is losing it. You lost the lid.
Grant: No
Me: Yes. And you lied about it. You lost it AND you lied.
Grant: I didn’t lie, I tricked…

I think he is a future politician.



  1. I love that. And the honest spelling.

    JL cannot say remember either. He says "me-nember"

    Have a great time at the wedding and I want to hear all about it when you get back.

  2. He would fit right in Washington DC. :)

    I have heard of flarp -- it looks pretty funny. Yes I know, I am an sdult but still... :P

  3. Have a great time away, and good luck with the waking up thing, we still have a month before we go back. Thank goodness.

  4. My boys are up with the sun They have since the days they were born. Know when that will come to a screeching halt? A week from tomorrow. First day of school. Guarantee it! ;)

  5. Total politician.

    And for the record, my parents have dial up too and I TOTALLY get why you'd forego commenting. OY!

    Have a GREAT time~

  6. hahahaha! My parents still have dial up too! So they are 2 of 4 people on earth that still use it! I keep telling them they need to get rid of it, oh well.

  7. TOOOOOOOOOO cute! They do say it starts early....

  8. So funny! He's a good thinker. I hope you enjoy your busy week.

  9. Okay, so if you look at your visitor stats at all you will see that Melville Long Island spent an obsene amount of time catching up on your blog.

    I have to say your rock/suck post had me laughing.. you are too clever.

    And I am saying prayers for that sweet baby Hananh..

    Enjoy the last weekend before school maddness starts!!! xoxox

  10. That "Flarp" reminds me of the Whoopie cushion my 3 year old nephew got his hands on a few weeks ago. You could not pry that thing out of hands if you had a crowbar. He thought it was hysterical. Oh well. Even Shakespeare had a bawdy sense of humor.

  11. Oh come on's not a lie :-) A trick..

    We're discussing "white lies" right now.

    Have a safe trip!

  12. Your five-year-old and mine would get along just GREAT. My little guy loves to talk about poo and pee (and fills in the blanks with the word "fart" or "poo" whenever possible).

    Have a good holiday.