Wednesday, February 24, 2010

those boyz of mine...

It is becoming increasingly difficult to write things on this blog at times. I lack inspiration. Brian gave me some pretty amazing material with his constant inspirational attitude and demeanor despite his circumstances. Strange things have been happening in my life, which I refer to as the "widow phenomenon," but I can't really write about them because they are very personal and involve some that read this blog. I have a boyfriend, but I don't wanna write about that yet because, once again?  personal. We'll see where it goes...maybe someday... So, I will write about the boyz and some funny things they have been up to.

Yesterday, Grant was explaining to me how a second grade girl has been bullying him by calling him names and taunting him.
Me: Grant, do you know why she is doing that to you?
Grant: Because she is mean.
Me: No, because she likes you.
Grant: She hates me. She always calls me loser.
Me: No, girls do things like that when they like a boy.
Grant: Are girls' brains stupid or something?
Me: Well, we can do pretty silly things to get the attention of a boy we like.
Grant: How do you know?
Me: I hate that I have to remind you so often, but I AM a girl.
Gavin: Did you bully Daddy?
Me: Well, not exactly, but I wasn't always nice. Neither was he.
Gavin: Did you call him loser and chase him and throw snowballs at him?
Me: No, but I sometimes acted like I didn't care or would ignore him and stuff like that to see if he would like me and come after me. They usually didn't work on your Dad.
Gavin: No mom, you should have done this: You go up to someone. You say, "Your shoes are cool," then you walk away and they will come after you.
Me: Girls are supposed to tell boys their shoes are cool and walk away??
Grant: Yes, Mom. It really works.
Me: I didn't know that secret. Are you sure it isn't boys that are supposed to tell girls their shoes are cool?
Gavin: Mom, it doesn't matter. You just go up to someone and say, "your shoes are cool," and walk away. It will totally work every time.
Me: Did you learn this on ICarly?
Grant: No.
Me: Drake and Josh?
Gavin: Yes. It works.

We spent the next few minutes with my boys complimenting my socks because I wasn't wearing shoes and casually walking away and my chasing after them to get their attention. I got a few kisses out of the charade, so it was worth it. I fear their humiliation some day when they try it for real.

(monster truck rally)

Grant barged back in the house in this morning as the bus was approaching the corner frantically crying.

Me: What's the matter?
Grant: I can't find my backpack?
Me: (glancing him up and down) Did you check your back?

He laughed, thanked me, kissed me again and ran off to the bus stop.

If only all their problems were so easy to solve!



  1. Hey Angie, I like your shoes. :::walking away:::

    ha ha!

    I love it!

  2. I love it. And I totally get why you can't write. As my kids are getting older I'm finding I can't write as much about them as I used to's too personal now for them.

    BUT getting a new blog to use to vent and telling NO one. Totally cathartic. ;)

  3. Loving the girl advice from your cute boys! Adorable.

    Thinking you might need a totally anon. blog.


  4. Forget the shoes, I like your cleavage in that picture. (uh . . . personal?) ;-)

    Fun post!

  5. Thanks for that one, Angie. I really did laugh out loud! Honestly, though, it makes more sense than the teasing and ignoring doesn't it?!


  6. Definitely need a new anoymous blog and then let the rest of know about it so we can be happy for you and still pray for you! No, kidding---really happy for your. Great picture, too!

  7. If only I could spell....anonymous

  8. You're such an awesome mom......

    even when you think you're not!

  9. Oh man, I was waiting for the boyfriend show and tell. Just kidding...maybe not.

    Happy for you, funny post, thanks for sharing.

  10. I haven't been in the blogging world in a while and haven't seen your blog in a while but I am still amazed at how beautiful your family is.With everything you guys have gone through, it is amazing at how beautiful and bright you all look. Im sure things have been hard, but your family is truely amazing.

  11. So in 10 years or so your boys will be setting the high school on fire with their mad girl-wooing skillz?!

  12. That is hilarious! Your boys just make me laugh and I'm sure that line will work some day.... OK maybe not :}

  13. These are too funny! I just love the shoe suggestion. I am totally trying it tomorrow ;)