Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Haven't had the time or energy to blog lately for various reasons.

The most dominant reason being this:

Those aren't actually my tonsils. Those are the closest things I could find that matched mine in google images for tonsillitis. I tried to take a picture of my tonsils, but my camera won't focus on them. My tonsils are even larger and whiter and have looked that that since Saturday morning. And nothing is helping them, including the antibiotic I am taking. And every time I even swallow my own saliva it feels like there are razor blades mixed in with it. And my entire body aches. And I am being sustained soley on hot tea and popcicles. And I am taking more Tylenol and Advil than I thought would be allowed by law. And I am negative for Strep, negative for Mono, and negative for influenza. SOOO, It is likely a virus that I have to ride out. While I ride this out, you will not be hearing from me.

Thanking God for friends that are watching my kids, for inlaws that helped me last night and for my mommy who is coming tomorrow. I just want my mom.



  1. 8 weeks! This is how long it took me to have relief from the exact same thing. they gave me a z-pac and gave me all the other test too, all negative. My throat was sooooo bad and it took weeks for me to get decent sleep because of it. Hang in there. I don't know what this is/was but it was nasty and not welcome back into my life. And if you have symptoms as long as I had ( I hope not) just know that you will feel like a new woman when its gone! I'm so humbled and thankful for relief, that I will pray for your speedy recovery right now!

  2. You poor thing! That picture is disgusting even if its not your throat! Keep resting!

  3. Gargele with hot salt water or try this 1 cup warm water with 1 to 2 T honey and juice from a whole lemon.

  4. anonymous - BITE YOUR TONGUE! EIGHT WEEKS. I feel like I am dying a slow death every day as it IS! And the warm salt gargles are amazingly soothing. But make it hurt even worse an hour later - like it is just more concentrated and dehydrated - like tonsillitis jerky instead of just tonsillitis.


  5. praying for your complete recovery, Angie! Hope to catch ya back in action at the gym soon. Take care and email me or call if you need anything!


  6. This sounds horrible. I will be praying for a quick recovery.

  7. Get better soon....thinking of you and just down the street if you need anything! :)

  8. Oh no. Just what you needed.

    When I lost my mom, I thought about situations just like this. Nobody takes care of you like your mommy!

  9. Oh yuck! Feel better soon!!

  10. Your mom is such a blessing. Glad she is able to come up to be with you. Take care - Praying for you.


  11. As Firewife suggested the warm water with salt will help. You have no time limit on how often to use it. Every 15 minutes if necessary. As I understand it the salt helps with the healing of the raw areas and is a mild type of antiseptic.
    Hang in there and it will get better!
    Praying for you and glad your Mom can help out.
    Karen W. in S.W. Ohio

  12. what a sissy!

    hope you get better and the boys dont get it.

  13. BEN! You mean old fart! ;-) Leave it to a guy.....

    Hugs and love to you, Angie. Sleep a LOT. I'll pray for you today.

  14. OH! Super-strength chloraseptic. oh, and the lozanges...oh...and...I'll stop nagging you.

  15. and maybe some vicodin.

  16. Hey Ang, I had my tonsils out about 10 years ago. It took a time to recover, but I have not had a sore throat or strep or sinus infections since. It's a rougher surgery for adults, but you may want to consider it. In the meantime, while you're trying to get well from this bout, my schedule is VERY flexible most weeks and I can come and help out any time. I'll give you a call. Love, Karye

  17. Best of luck and get some rest! Had a friend go through the same thing a couple of weeks ago and wiped her out. She was exhausted and sounds very similar. Took about 2 weeks and now she's back to normal. Thank goodness for mothers! Get better!

  18. Sending prayers your way! So sorry, Angie. Glad your mom can come take care of you! Ben, you're soooo mean!


  19. UGGGGGHHHHH. Feel better soon.

  20. I love blog, because any person can blog in their own feelings and to share things with. But i suppose the blog could only be improved if you posted more often.

  21. HI Angie, i had the same issue for year every month i would have to go through the same thing finally i had a surgery few days ago, i have been in pain more then ever but i knw once it's gone i will never have to go through thatagain. i am 21 and the surgery was fine

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  23. Ha! I ran into this as I was googling my symptoms. Same thing happened to me. Going back to the doctor today. My mom watched my kids yesterday and she made me some soup. I needed my mommy too. Lol

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