Monday, February 23, 2009

quick update about Brian

I know many of you are checking on a regular basis for Brian's status. Sorry for the lack of update. Not much has been new to report.

I don't have a lot of time to write a long note today. Our guests have all left and we are solo for the week. I am catching up on mail, filing, laundry, etc. today. It feels good to reconnect with my house and my domestic chores.

Brian is about the same as I last wrote. He remembers and forgets things on and off. One minute he asks if it is official that Obama took over and the next he is criticising the stimulus package. (a common theme in this house - I don't grasp stimulating the economy that has crumbled because of bad debts and irresponsible spending by increasing government debt. Those of us that are responsible consumers and borrowers are paying the price for those that aren't. I am tired of bailing out bad decisions while those that made good decisions rarely get rewarded.) He asked me again what happened to our cat that we got rid of 6 years ago.

He is having dizzy spells off and on. He is tired and weak. His speech is not great. He is just generally a bit confused and a little sicker than he was a couple weeks ago.

His appetite is hit or miss. Mostly miss, though. Food does not taste good to him. He eats very little, too. He feels a bit sick to his stomach most mornings. He has not vomited since two Sundays ago, though.

He is maneuvering through the house and into his own bed. He is not handling the remote controls very well. He gets confused and often needs help to change the input or to watch something on DVR.

Yesterday and today he has slept a bit more than usual and is EXTREMELY fatigued. He says it is like his body is just sore and never feels good.

Still, he visits with the stopper-bys. He plays cards well. He is in decent spirits.

I will not leave the house alone with Brian and I will not leave him here by himself. After seeing how drastic things can change and how he cannot recuperate easily if he falls, I feel this is for his safety and for my safety. It kind of stinks, but I am hoping to get out this weekend with some of his family for a dinner out or something.

We have no planned overnight guests this week or weekend. The kids have a 3 day weekend - off Monday for Casimir Pulaski day. Leave it one ethnic group in Chicago to create a holiday for the entire state of Illinois, not that I am complaining. I think the kids and I may get together with some friends and have some Pierogis - which I actually came to like in Canada. Only, I bet we end up having pizza instead - with a large gray mouse and video games.



  1. It's hard to go too long without the routine, isn't it? Thinking of you--I hope the outing is a hit no matter where you end up.

  2. Praying for you. Hang in there.

  3. I am glad that you are able to find some normalacy in your routine. There is something always very comforting about that. Praying for you still.

  4. About the stimulus package - none of us are thrilled with bailing out irresponsible spenders and financiers, but the reasoning is a little different. Imagine, if you will, that you are sailing in a big boat and are observing all the rules (lifejackets on, no lit matches, etc) that make for safe sailing. Okay - now, some idiots in the boat light some matches and burn a big hole through the hull. No matter how responsibly you continue to act, you are going down unless you fix the hole. Our economy is going down, weighted by bad debts and irresponsible financial maneuvers; not only that, but we are dragging the rest of the world's economies down with us (because they bought many of these bad securities we were peddling).

    In theory, we could do nothing and let the chips fall where they may; but the political reality is that if enough people are badly enough off, you have a recipe for revolution. Many people criticize FDR; but what they don't realize is that he was trying to preserve capitalism, not end it. The Communist Party was quite strong in those days, and if enough people remained out of work and hopeless, it could have gotten a lot more popular. Similarly, Obama realizes that capitalism cannot survive unless a good percentage of our country has a decent quality of life - meaning, a full-time job, affordable health care, ability to get ahead by switching jobs, etc. That sort of quality of life makes people more invested in the system, not less.

    The economic damage is done. How do we prevent further damage, how do we keep this sort of thing from happening again, and how can we help the people who are blamelessly suffering from this situation and keep them from turning to answers that are not good for our society as a whole - those are the big questions, right?

  5. Love you, Angie, and I am praying diligently for you and all that concerns you today. Shawn from TN

  6. I agree with one of your commenters, normalcy is comforting. I hope you enjoy the weekend with your kids. You're in my prayers.

  7. Love you, Angie! Wow! That "stimulus lady" has no idea what your blog is about, huh?


  8. Isn't it funny that domestic chores (which we usually hate) can be so comforting at times?

  9. To the suburban correspondent...Imagine, if you will, that you are living with two small children and a terminally ill husband all of who need you in different ways and you are one of the strongest, inspiring people in blog world. Don't try to inflict your opinion on Angie on one simple comment she made about the stimulas package. Why don't you go and read her WHOLE blog you'll see that you are wasting her time with your opinions. And to you and your family, Angie, you are in our constant thoughts and prayers.

  10. Count us in for pizza at the large mouse place with the games, too....we will be there around 10 am so we can beat the rush. Oh...and stimulus lady....put a sock in it....those match lighters are the ones who started this whole thing...I'd rather be bobbing in the ocean in my own life vest...than riding in a "safe" boat with a bunch of idiots!!!


  11. whoa. Ang, you might have to back it up on the political. It stirs a little too much angst among followers. I can tell you were surrounded by a lot of "relatives" this weekend. They almost had me brainwashed in the short time i spent there last week :o I enjoy getting your dad a little stirred up. I hadn't had the opportunity to talk to him in a while.

    Please take it easy on the Suburban Correspondent. She is a great friend of this blog and I often marvel at the words she shares in her comments, non of which are political (except for today).

  12. Suburban correspondant and myself often debate political issues "off-line." which means on email and not necessarilly on the blog. I like her comments. Go easy on her to my family and friends who are getting fired up at her. She is a friend. She is supportive. She is also educated and informed and makes me think, although I do disagree with her on many issues. She is simply writing a comment to educate me on a side she knows a little about. That she is wishing us well and believing in us - that goes without saying.


  13. Angie, glad you posted that, I was about to formulate a response. :)

    Love you so much.


  14. Just say NO to Chuckie Cheese! You can do it Ang. You are strong!!!

  15. No hard feelings to "SC" but when everyone is so concerned about you and your family and she throws in political opinions it throws people for a how could she bring this up at a time like this? ect...Not knowing where she came from and that you know her, of course, people will get defensive. The people that read your blog are here for you. Since your posting, people will understand that she is also a supporter. Perhaps, she should communicate her political view via private e-mail so she won't be misunderstood again.


  16. Angie -
    Just remember, calories don't count when you're playing Skee-Ball and Whack-a-mole.

  17. Just peeking in to check on you . . .Brian . . . the boys.

    Loved the post. Enjoyed the comments (political banter is always fun and a nice distraction).

    Take care--you!

  18. Whenever I want to allow myself to be grumpy, I am going to think about your husband.
    He seems as though he is full of love all of the time.
    What a man.

  19. Pizza or pierogis? That sounds like a win-win.

    Thanks for the update.

    Still believing.

  20. Pierogis! Yummmmy. The only ones I have had are from the frozen aisle at Trader Joes but I loved them all the same. Just checking in to let you know I am thinking about you guys. Hope you are enjoying your week. :-)

  21. Thank you for posting an update. Hope you're able to get dinner or something this weekend.

  22. I vote for more card playing.

    And you know my opinion about the political stuff, but it is always fun to see the debate.

    Let's make the boat a big cruise ship and go have a party?

    hugs to you and your family
    you are in my thoughts and prayers daily