Wednesday, July 7, 2010

soo... it's been a while...

Wow. May 17th was the last time I wrote. Really??  Kinda hard to believe considering this was such a staple in my life a year ago.

So many people from so many different areas of my life read this blog – Brian’s family, the boyfriend, my family, my friends, Brian’s coworkers, his friends, etc. Moving on with life and trying to be sensitive to so many different people’s feelings, grief and concerns makes finding a topic to write about difficult at best.

I will tell you some things that have been going on in the last two months.

Grant’s tube surgery went fine, but he currently has an ear infection. It is draining out the ear which is what the tube is designed to do, but it is keeping us out of the pool during this very hot week. I talked with Grant’s teacher at the end of school. She said he finally started to come out of his shell and talk more openly in class including talking about Brian. Grant does not AT ALL like to be singled out for being different. Having a daddy that is dead makes him very different. She said that many of the children asked questions about his daddy in heaven and he told them he died from surgery. She interjected that it was cancer and he said surgery and cancer were the same thing. This makes me so sad – no wonder he was so afraid of the surgery.

Grant is like a different kid since school has been out. Admittedly, I have not been encouraging much time spent on academic or learning activities like flashcards and reading. We have been at the pool, watching TV, playing Wii and at baseball. He really just hates school. I am having him evaluated soon to determine if he has some sort of attention issue or other factor contributing to his dislike of all things school related. I just want to help him and learn how to better keep my cool given his attitude.

The boyfriend is no longer my boyfriend. I have no doubt that someday he will make someone very happy, but we are just wrong for each other in the way we handle, approach and respond to life, adversity, and relationships. Not to say that either of us is wrong or right, but just different and for the long term – incompatible and probably a recipe for resentment. That’s all I have to say about that.

Gavin has declared he is skipping high school. Upon further investigation into this declaration, it stems from a discussion we had in recent weeks in which I told him that in high school you will take showers in front of other guys after P.E. I told him this in an effort to get him to stop freaking out so much about his brother or a friend that spends the night seeing his privates for a brief second. It completely backfired and now he is petrified of high school. I told him by the time that comes around he won’t care anymore and he will WANT to take a shower because he will like girls again by then and girls like boys that smell good.

I defrosted my deep freeze today for the first time in 2-1/2 years. It was all frosted up, but it still worked. It was my sister who explained it could break if I didn’t get the ice off the coils that finally led me to defrost it. It wasn’t even that much of a pain in the butt. Only mildly. I have to put the seafood and chicken back in it now. My hands got cold after handling the beef.

That's it for now!



  1. Welcome back, beautiful! Thanks for the updates and the pictures. xo

  2. AnonymousJuly 07, 2010

    Yay for defrosting! I think that getting an upright freezer was the moment I became a woman.

    Steady on, sister.
    Jen/ Pinky

  3. I have missed you but try to keep up by Facebook! As for the showers after PE - ummmm - not so much. Most of the time the teachers don't give the kids enough time to shower....EEEEWWWWWW! Anyway, let Gavin know he should not fear the showers in high school ;}

  4. You all look great.

    Do they have charter or magnet schools in your area with a more hands-on curriculum? Traditional school isn't for everyone--just a thought.

  5. Keep trusting in his wonderful grace and mercy... What a difference a year can make... God bless you and your precious family...

  6. WooHoo! Angie's back!!!

  7. Hey, nice pictures. Glad to hear summer is going so well. Sorry about the bf. So nice to hear what's going on with you!

  8. I'm so glad you had a few minutes to post. I think of you & your boys often. Being the grandmother of 5 boys (ages 6, 5, 3, 3, & 1 month) and the mother of girls who grew up only with sisters, you help me to help them to realize that there is nothing wrong with their children... they are just... boys - and yes - they are different from birth.

    Jenn had a great idea about different kinds of schools! Sometimes classroom education is to a child what lifting weights are to me... I'd rather walk, play frisbee, or do something fun. will allow the boys to track the movements of individual wolves online. Very cool, and sneakily educating!

  9. Angie, So glad to hear from you. You are so busy with your life now that I understand the less frequent posts. BUT we like to hear from you.
    Hang in there about the school issue. Maybe it will be less said and a non issue shortly.
    Still check your blog regularly to see how you and the boyz are doing. Still praying for all of you.
    Karen W. in S.W. Ohio

  10. AnonymousJuly 09, 2010

    Hey Angie,

    You are all looking fantastic! Grant will soon be as tall as you.