Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dad's birthday card letter

What my Dad got for his birthday this year...

Dear Dad,

Happy Birthday, you old fart!

Wondering why you get a letter this year instead of a card? Or, knowing you, you probably didn’t even notice!

I was looking through the birthday cards for dads in the card deparment the other day. It was the first time since Brian’s death that I had been in the “Dad” section. I could not stop thinking about how my boyz will never buy a birthday card for their dad. Each one of those sentimental cards stating “Dad, you’ve always been there for me” or each card that mentioned the practicality of a Dad who fixed things or each card that humorously pointed out Dad’s aptitude at handling the remote control and taking a nap – each and every one made me realize how much my boyz are missing in their lives. I tried to hold it together and look away, only to see the section “to my Husband, on his Birthday.” I had to leave the card department and I cried for the next few minutes.

So, YOU GET A BIRTHDAY LETTER THIS YEAR and every year until I have the emotional stability to handle that section of the card department again.

I think it is in having a great dad like you that I realize how much my boyz are missing. In reading those cards and nodding yes to so many of the statements, I felt such admiration for my own dad, thus such despair for their loss.

Dad, I love you dearly. You drive me nuts sometimes, but I value you. I love you. I respect you. I appreciate you.

I pray my verbalizing that on your birthday will give you great comfort and pride every day of the year.