Monday, September 8, 2008

I am lazy like that...

I have been keeping track of my google searches for a while now. Meaning, people actually type these things in their google search bar and they land here somehow. Most are pretty predictable and match my blog content pretty closely: brain tumors, cancer, chemo, how to keep believing, believing, etc.

And you wouldn't believe how many people google anything related to the "Mighty Mouse, Superman, Stand by Me" scene. I had to google it, too, to find it.

Then I get some that make me sad like this:

Why am I staying in this terrible marriage - and I think, why are you googling this? Seek marriage counseling immediately. And by the way, HOW DID YOU GET TO MY BLOG???

However, some crack me up:

I love having kids - Why, so do I, but I have never thought to google it. In fact, I can't think of one logical reason to google it. But, I am glad your search sent you here.

reasons to love children - ummm, apparently, YOU need more help and you don't love kids as much as the person above and need some reassurance. Did you find reasons here? There are many.

peeing in public accidentally - Woops. I certainly hope you are either under the age of 9 or over the age of 65.

fart headache - STAY AWAY FROM MY FAMILY. You will have a sudden onset of migraines!

young boy with smelly flatulence - You found ME? Honestly, if you were looking for a 36 year old woman with smelly flatulence, google is doing you a service, but my young boys' flatulence is only just beginning to have odor at ages 5 and 6.

April 2008 I am tired - the entire month? really? and exactly what were you hoping to find by GOOGLING this? other tired people? a calendar of tired people?

And my favorite:
I know my Valentine waits in a line of one night stands and it's not you it's me - to which I reply, What the????

On another note, I am terrible at acknowledging blog awards and I would like to formally apologize to anyone that gives me an award that it takes my sorry ass so long to post it and that I usually don't pass it on. I dare to buck the system am lazy like that.

The ever talented, witty, hilarious, sexy Tootsie Farklepants graced me with this beauty a couple weeks ago.

Isn't it lovely? It is to be given to those you find funny, sunny and happy. I appreciate Tootsie lying and saying this about me. I do not often find myself funny, sunny or happy.

I am passing this along to a few of my newer sunny, funny and happy blog reads:

The first and foremost being Texan Mama at WHOPUTMEINCHARGEOFTHESEPEOPLE. She is a real life friend of many years. We were BFF's in high school. She was a great writer back then, too. She and I went to separate colleges and didn't stay in close contact until we both graduated and then, guess, what? We married men from the same home town. Not our home town and we didn't meet them together. How's that for coincidence?

Secondly, I am awarding this to DadtheDude because I find him hilarious and straight forward and opinionated and delightful. I don't even know if he knows the extent to which I stalk him. He rants on Tuesdays these days. You will wait with baited breath like I do.

And off the category of newer discovered blogs, I am passing it to Beth at A Mom's life because I find her all three of those adjectives - sunny, funny and happy.



  1. I enjoy your blog and isn't life just full of coincidences?. Hubby and I went to the same college but didn't know each other yet. We have the same degree. I had an uncle that taught him Sunday school at age 6 (he was recognized by hubby's parents at a wedding shower). I think there are more but I think it's pretty funny. Life happened and when ended up together.

  2. Thanks Chicka! THis is my very first bloggy award ever. I'd like to thank the Academy...

  3. the searches that find my blog..OMG they would make you blush...

    today: a pocket of infection on my head burst
    and we're gonna rock roll all night

  4. Fart headaches? Really? Well, I suppose there could be such a thing. ;-)

  5. Those are pretty good google searches. Way funnier than I have ever found with!! thanks for the laugh!! :)

  6. Fart headache??? That one cracks me up!

    Thanks for the award. I don't feel sunny, funny or happy lately. I think kindergarten is kicking my a$$.

  7. So many people google "leaving my husband" and "How to tell my husband I am leaving" and "I want to leave my husband."

    And I wonder.... how in the world did they get to my blog. I dont think I ever said anything like that.

    But. Hahaha. The searches are always fun to read. Aren't they?

  8. That is one adorable award--and well-deserved!

  9. Thank you SO much. You can stalk me anytime ;) I think your pretty cool, can I buy you a beer?

    I just checked the calendar and tomorrow is Tuesday and I don't have a rant ready yet. I had a guy in traffic today that totally pissed me off but I floored it and passed him so it doesnt count for rant material.

    One thing I never thought about when setting up my blog was were to put awards. Ha, I didn't know they existed to be honest. Hmmm. good problem to have.

    Be nice to reforming geek (above) - we know each other on the other side of the blogosphere and she owes me a beer.

    Thank you, thank you!

  10. HAHAHAHA that's funny.

    My strangest google search in my stats was "How do I keep from peeing while teaching a class". I am still not sure WHY my blog got listed.

  11. You deserve it, yo.
    I get lots of hits on searches for eyebrows.

  12. This is very funny and I also get a big kick out of reading how people come to my blog.
    Sometimes it's from an exotic country and they googled a picture I use. Living in a tech world is fun.

  13. I'm a bit scared at the Valentine one. Some people just terrify me!

    Congrats on your award and to all the winners!

  14. I hate the google searches that go something like, "searching for young boys" or "living with young boys". It scares me that these people are finding my site.