Friday, June 20, 2008

Next Stop.... Hilton Head

I'm back. Wow. Summer sure is busy, ain't it? It gets increasingly difficult to find the time to create posts, edit pics and video, read others, and just sit inside at this computer since we STILL do not have a laptop, even though they are only $500 for a kick-ass one these days because I just can't justify it when I haven't identified a NEED for one yet.

So, the boys and I came home from Wisconsin on Thursday evening, June 4, and left for Hilton Head on Sunday morning before the butt-crack of dawn and let me remind you that the butt-crack of dawn IS REALLY EARLY IN JUNE!!! Naturally, since we had two days between trips, we were able to squeeze in a playdate with friends, a tee-ball game, a trip to the movies, a birthday party and an afternoon out enjoying each other before we left Brian for a week, all the while unpacking, packing, laundering and shopping. Told you summer was busy!


Hilton Head. We flew there without a hitch. Back, umm, not so much, but that is for another post, and at the rate I am going probably sometime in July since there seems to be parks, swimming pools, flowers, lawn, etc. that call my name daily.

Where was I?

Oh yes, Hilton Head. How can I forget?

I have been to the ocean/beach in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Fran, Vancouver, Pensacola, Daytona Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Key West, Jamaica, St. Thomas and Galveston. NOTHING COMPARES TO HILTON HEAD. I am told the North Carolina beach is similar. It is beautiful. You are driving through magnificent forest-type landscape with lush, enormous trees, not just palm trees like Florida, and then voila, you are on an amazingly kept beach. AMAZING. The weather was relatively hot, in the low 90's, but on the beach it didn't feel like it because there was a constant whipping wind ocean breeze. We stayed in a little shack we like to call PARADISE with 6 bedrooms, 6-1/2 baths, a gourmet kitchen, a huge wrap around porch, gazebo, beautiful landscape and its own pool and spa - all about 70 steps from the beach. We were not ocean front, but we were one away and unfortunately, there is no going back now. No going back to compact condo units and crowded pools. No going back to shared amenities. No going back to long treks with half our belongings for the day on the beach. We have been ruined in the best way possible. Those in attendance were as follows: Aunt Jane, Aunt Deb, Uncle Paul, Aunt Vicki, Uncle Stanley, Mom, Dad, Angie, Cousin Jenny and husband Jake, Cousin Hillary, Cousin Corey, Cousin Nick, Nick's friend DJ, Gavin, Grant, and 2 year old Mason. As you can see, we needed all of the 6 bedrooms, but the house was so vast, we never felt crowded. I never did anyway. The ONLY negative I can think for the entire weekend was the mosquitoes in the evening that surrounded the house requiring more DEET. Oh yeah, and the fact that BRIAN was not present.

Here is a picture of the boys and me on the beach.

Tootsie Farklepants once wrote that her camera adds anorexia. Mine adds muffin top. Although, to ADD muffin top would be to insinuate that muffin top was not already present and I know think I can't make that claim. (I was sucking in during this shot and I, naturally, used the shot that made me look the best regardless of how my children looked)

Here was Grant's favorite part of the vacation:

(the pool in general, as proven by the swimmer's ear the day after our departure)

Here was Gavin's favorite part of the vacation:

(trying to fit in with the teenagers and being humored by the teenagers to think he was, THANKS NICK, DJ and ANDY)

Here are my favorite parts of the vacation:

if you look at this and think, "Gavin and Grant being taken care by adults other than me while I quietly rest, read a book and smuggle margaritas relax on the beach," you would be CORRECT!

If you look at these and think "isn't that just about everything?" you would also be CORRECT!

To my family who let us tag along and pay for nothing against my will, WE CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH. I mean it. You spoiled us and you pampered us and you entertained us. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!



  1. Do we a favor will you? Acknowledge and enjoy how fantastic you look--because you do.

    If I could get back the years I spent thinking my thighs were too big when hello? I looked great--I would be very happy.

    It looks like a fantastic time.

  2. AnonymousJune 20, 2008

    I agree w/ Jenn..You are HAWT!

    OK, thanks for the mosquito tip..we're going on July 19th..but we are driving. We're stayng in a 5 bedroom house that is a block or so off the beach. Can't wait.

    Did I mention we're driving.

  3. Okay please do not insult us by saying you have a muffin top when clearly you do not. I don't care if you sucked in until your lips were blue, you'd be a size 8 on your fattest day (I haven't been a size 8 since junior high - that is gospel truth). Let's be honest, Ang. Be proud of your awesome bod and don't put yourself down. You look FAB girl. Looks like you had a great time.

    BTW where was Mindi & Matt & Logan? Did they stay home b/c she's due soon? Who was in the pink visor? It looks kinda like Mindi only not prego.

  4. Seriously, everyone, thanks for the comments. I think I am gonna have to post one of the other 15 pics that actually shows the muffin top so you don't think I am lying.

    Jenny is the visor.

    Mindi, Matt and Logan were not invited. Just kidding. She is due in 3-1/2 weeks. Matt is not working, and they didn't want to plan on this with all that uncertainty.


  5. Sounds like a wonderful vacation. Hilton Head is a beautiful place to go.

    And you are rocking the bikini! You go girl! I don't see a muffin top at all! You look fabulous! Wish I looked that good in my bathing SKIRT!!

  6. WOW, that's looks like the PERFECT vacation! Great photos - I loved the one with you and your boys!

    Have a good weekend - see you soon - Kellan

  7. Awwww..... what an amazing trip!!! I puffy heart your reference to Fraklepants's camera!!!

  8. Glad you had a wonderful vacation. Hilton Head is the best. And I would be feeling pretty good if that was me in that bikini. Muffin top. Pish Posh!

  9. Oh Angie!!

    How amazing everything looks! Everything! And, ahem, you look FABULOUS too. :) I too would be more than tempted to use the best pic of me, and so glad to hear I might not be the only one!

    Again, your vacation just looks amazing. I don't think I can stop saying that. And, now I am off to bug Chet about a vacation to Hilton Head. Ooooooooo!

  10. Hi Angie - thanks for coming by today. Hope you are having a great weekend. SEe you - Kellan

  11. AnonymousJune 21, 2008

    Hilton Head sounds awesome (and that's a great picture of you!) We usually go to Tybee Island (outside Savannah) and my brother usually hits Fripp Island (North of Hilton Head) but we've never been there for a family vacation.

    Looks great!

  12. You are too funny with your picture (who cares how the kids look, it is all about you) Fiorst thing I noticed is your flat tummy -- I am jealous.

    My kids love to be flipped like that too in the pool. :)

    Looks like a fab trip -- can I be in your family next time you go? :)

  13. You look amazing - one hot momma! Your boys are truly handsome! I am glad that you have had some great family time. These are time best of times!

  14. AnonymousJune 23, 2008

    Make room for me in the car next time, K?

  15. 1. Keep it up and I'll post a picture to SHOW you what a REAL muffin top looks like!

    2. WOW! Can I please stow away in your suitcase on the next vacation? Your family sure knows how to do it RIGHT!

    Glad you guys are having a great summer. You deserve it. xoxoxo

  16. You go girl in your bikini. I haven't worn a bikini since 1999, and even then didn't feel comfortable. That looks like a dream vacation.

  17. Looks like so much fun! And people who really have muffin tops don't wear fetching little bikinis - you look great!