Thursday, April 22, 2010

random bits of life

It's been a while, so I thought I would write a few things about life around here.

I didn't realize how long it had been until I had someone a day or two ago tell me they hoped all was well with Grant's finger. I realized that the last post I wrote left everyone hanging on a thread regarding our spring break and Grant's bone trauma. I am sure you have all lost tremendous sleep over this.

1) Grant's finger issue was pretty minor. We got in to the see the ortho before we left for our trip. Ashamedly, I cried a bit when they told us it would be a couple day wait, and I asked if it was okay if we just waited 5 days til we returned. They got us in that afternoon. The probably thought they should see the kid whose crack mom didn't believe he broke the finger in the first place and is now prioritizing their trip over his appointment. The P.A. who saw Grant said he couldn't even see the break from the first x-ray. The side view showed it, but it was so minor. Literally, he took a piece of latex, surgical, first-aid type tape and taped it to the finger next to it. He told us to do that for 3 weeks. We don't even need to follow up. Thank the Lord we got in before our trip or it would have been a long 5 days of keeping that finger clean and dry in that splint.

2) Our trip was only delayed a couple hours. We drove through a major thunderstorm system for about half of our 5 hour trip dropping torrential amounts of rain on us. We made it, though. We spent a couple days in Kentucky visiting my brother and his family. Then we went to my mom’s for a couple days, doing things like this:

3) The boyz were ALL ABOUT the youth sized 4-wheeler this time. My dad had it running really well. It was starting on the first try and it seemed like 1 of the 2 of the boyz was on it at all times. They put some serious miles on that thing Friday and Saturday UNTIL... Gavin rolled it into their lake. FOR REALS. FREAKED ME THE EFF OUT! It was in shallow water and he totally could have been pinned if he had reacted differently. I still get shivers down my spine to think of what could have happened. Gavin went for a little swim, I guess, as he was drenched from his helmet to his Heely's. I have never experienced two such broad spectrums of emotions simultaneously - pure relief he was okay and pure anger that was so careless.

4) My dad got the 4-wheeler running again a few days after we left. That man can fix anything. Always has been able to. We have always loved that about our dad!

5) Still dating the same dude. He's nuts about me and thinks I'm awesome and hello? of course he's right. And he's met my boyz - seen Grant as his near worst and tolerated Gavin's know-it-all-ness and "you-guys-should-just-get-married” comments - yet he continues to stick around, so I think he's pretty awesome, too.

6) Gavin had a trash-is-in fashion show to celebrate earth day today. He wore a newspaper hat and a bunch of snack food boxes all over his body. He looked like an idiot compared to some kids whose parents taped and fastened gift bags and newspaper and grocery sacks and boxes to resemble shirts, dresses, pants, belts and accessories. His mom must not love him as much. Or his mom just gets burned out on homework. Take your pick. Technically speaking, though, they all looked like idiots. They were wearing garbage for clothes.

7) Grant's hearing issue continues. He is getting tubes May 19th. He was very excited at first because he heard the scheduler tell me it would probably be a good idea to let him eat late on May 18th because he can't have anything after midnight. He heard, "Keep Grant up til Midnight and let him have a midnight snack." I told you his hearing is messed up. I humored him and told him that yes he could have a midnight snack on May 18th. He bragged about this to Gavin when Gavin got home from school that day. The next morning, the reality of the SURGERY part of the equation hit him, and he cried and had a tummy ache because he doesn't want to get tubes in his head. I think he is over his fear for now.

8) What would have been my wedding anniversary came and went with absolutely no fuss and almost no mention whatsoever this week. That was pretty nice.

9) There is a major detour on the main road leading to my neighborhood. The road is closed for several months about 1/4 mile before my street and reopens about 1/8 mile before my street. I have to drive over 3 miles out of my way through several stoplights and stopsigns to get into my neighborhood. That closed road is the road to school, the gym and my main route into town thus causing me much pain-in-the-butt-edness. I'm OVER it and it has been closed for all of 10 days.

10) 5 weeks of school remain from TODAY!  I consider this a good thing.



  1. I had tubes put in my ears when I was little! It was fine and the stuff they gave me to make me sleep tasted like bubble gum :) and afterwards I got to eat a bunch of popsicles!

  2. so nice to hear how you are doing, angie! that trip looked so fun. except for the 4-wheeler in the lake thing. whew!

  3. I love the little update about what's been going on with you and the boyz! Glad to hear that all is well, and that they had a great time on Spring break. I would have been freaked out by the four wheeler in the lake part too!!

    We are leaving Arizona for Ohio. (Chet got a job with Ohio Cat) so when we drive through Peoria, I'll make sure to wave!!

  4. Thanks for the update! Sounds like a busy yet fun Spring Break. (Well not the 4 wheeler and almost drowning part but the rest of it)

  5. i'de say things are looking up! Love to hear that in your ...voice?...

    Keep us posted :-) And when do we get to see pics of you and the dude?

  6. I had tubes when I was really little and don't remember it. I'm sure it isn't worse than getting wisdom teeth out and I remember that. Surgery is fun for the person going to sleep! t

  7. The road detour thing reminds me of a funny story that I wrote about. Check it out here:

  8. It sounds like you are in the full swing of real life with two active boyz. Thanks for updating us . . . we do start to wonder!

  9. Glad to hear you're doing well! And I'm with Karen...ummm....the dude? Any pics?

  10. Thank you for the update. I check on you at least five times a week and sometimes more.

    Your vacation sounds exactly like two boyz and a Mom. Sorry about the scare. We all get that at least once with our children. My daughter got lost in the woods at my folks summer cottage. She was three. Interesting.

    Please know that we check on you and love to get an update about you and the boyz. Oh, and the mystery man.

    Karen in S.W. Ohio

  11. You sound happy and that makes me happy that I dropped by. Keep up the good work. :)

  12. I am touched by all the love apparent in those photos. I'm glad you are in a good space.

  13. Nice to see you back here Angie. Hopefully the tubes will clear up Grant's hearing issues. Audrey had tubes put in on Wednesday (when I was trying to get back from Europe) and Valerie and I can already see a major difference in the way she is speaking, which -- as an almost 2 year old -- we link to her hearing better. The poor kid has had constant fluid in her ears since October that the ENT tried to clear up different ways before going with tubes. The same thing happened with Catrina a year ago and that was a major difference as well.

    By the way, the dude is right: you are pretty awesome. You prove that over and over again.

  14. I'm so glad to read that things are...I dunno...smoothing out? No good way to say what I'm trying to say. I'm glad that you're dating someone who thinks you're awesome, because you are. I'm glad Grant's finger is fine. I'm glad you got some time away. I'm glad you sound happy. :)

  15. I think one of the reasons I keep coming back to spy on your life is because you seem so similar to me... and then in your picture you're wearing my same outfit from Kohl's. This is getting too weird... and the four wheeler thing.. my son took a brand new one off a cliff into a creek, landed it upside down. (Thankfully he jumped off in midair)Everyone who pulled it out of the creek got poison ivy. It was a bad day! But thankfully it started again. Anyway, I think we were seperated at birth.

  16. Wow, quite an update. What a perfect get-a-way. It's always so nice to be with family and what could be more fun for little boys than cousins, fishing and 4-wheelers? That lake incident would have freaked me out too, but he's thinking now he has a story to tell his buddies...