Friday, April 20, 2007

Update 2007 April 20

Hello eveyone,

This is Angie's sister, Mindi, writing on behalf of Angie. I am not near the writer Angie is, so please bear with this blog post.

Brian went into surgery this morning around 10:30 AM and was in recovery, which is ICU, at about 4:00 pm. Brian was alert somewhat after surgery, he is not, however, using his right side at this time at all from head to toe. He was asked to move his toes and he could not. He is also having some speech issues at this time. He did know who people were and was also asked if he had any children and he held up his left hand and put out two fingers. After asking how old his children were, he again held up his left hand and put out two fingers. The nurse said, "You have two children that are both two?" and he said "yeah" with a nod of the head. He is having trouble communicating what his needs are, for example, he was uncomfortable with his pillow under his head but could not find the words to tell Angie. After some nodding, she did figure out his pillows were making him uncomfortable. Dr. Edwards did expect some of these side effects as it was only a few hours after surgery at this time. Dr. Edwards said that tomorrow and Sunday would be the best time to tell how much of his right side and speech came back as right now some of it may be surgery enduced. Dr. Edwards has also said that the frozen pathology "first sight" of the tumor they removed does show that it is an astrocytoma tumor but the grade is unknown at this time. The pathology report will be in sometime Monday which will tell the grade of the tumor as well. Dr. Edwards did say they removed a lot of the tumor.

Angie is most concerned due to the other surgeries that Brian has had, he has never woken up like this before, so we need continued prayers for Brian's recovery and regaining of his motor and speech abilities. We need prayers for the continued strength of Angie and the entire O'Neill family as it is hard for them right now to have that strength on their own.

According to the Bible, "The battle is not your's, it is God", so we have to fight and stand for this battle. So keep the prayers coming, think positive and not dwell. When the Isrealites were in battle and losing, it was because Moses' and Aaron's arms dropped and the Isrealites had to hold them up, that is what we need to do for Angie right now, we need to be the one's to hold up her arms, so please continue to pray, pray, pray.


Angie and all the O'Neills, we love you.



  1. Bo and Angie

    You are constantly in our thoughs and prayers. I know that the with the strenght the two of you have you will pull through this. We were just reminising about Angie's 30th birthday party and had a lot of laughs. We wish we could be with you guys in person but know that we are with you in spirit.

    All our love

    Cheryl and Jennifer O'Neill

  2. Keep believing - Wishing a speedy recovery for Brian and strength and patience for all of you that are with him. Tomorrow is a new day and you've got a lot of family, friends and strangers praying for all of you.

    "You are always on our mind"

    God Bless

    Love you
    Jane & John

  3. Yo Brian and Angie

    Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you up here in the North-country.

    Also, wanted to let you know that the snow is gone and the grass will be turning green in a couple of weeks so you will have to get your butt out of bed so that you can mow your lawn pretty soon. We can't let the neighborhood goto-pot, eh?

    We walked by the house today... Grandma has the car all washed and ready to rock-&-roll. I think that she is planning on cruising Whyte Ave tonight. Sam will stop by this weekend to "check-on" the boys.

    Hey... Is the rumor I hear about them Californian nurses are really true?

    Hang in there bud.

    Take care ... and thinking of you.

    Steve (& Lisa)

  4. I rec'd a stone from a friend today and the engraving says " Don't worry about tomorrow...God is already there!"

    God already knew what tomorrow will hold for us...Let us keep strong and pray that he will bring Brian through this just as he was before.

    We all must believe that God will help Brian through this.

    The Youngs

  5. Brian and Angie,

    We are praying for all of you!! You continue to amaze so many with your strength and positive attitude. Keep that positive energy going! And, lean on all of us who love you and are praying for you - as well as our wonderful Lord and Savior - for the strength you may need.

    I know God is getting an abundance of prayers in Brian's name, for you have all touched so many people's lives. And, Angie, as you said, miracles are definitely within His capabilities!!

    Keep the Faith!
    Rich and Ginger

  6. Brian and Angie,

    I just want to thank you for helping me see what needs to important in my life. We continue to pray for the both of you, with the understanding that God will never give someone more than they can bear.

    Michael, Karen, Will and Aaron

  7. Today is a new day. There are new mercies every day. All of us want to help by doing something when all we can sometimes do is trust and believe and wait and stand. I love you. Jane

  8. You are in our thoughts and prayers, as you have always been. This is just another challenge, perhaps a greater challenge, but God is by your side through it all.

    Angie, as you told me,"It's only when we doubt God, that we are weak and vunerable." Stay positive and be strong.

    We love you,
    JOANN and DAVE

  9. Good Saturday morning to Brian, Angie and the O'Neill clan! Mindi, thank you for your words last night.

    I am amazed by the great network of friends and family that you have holding you up. That network of friends is/has been reaching out to their network of friends to have this world blanketed with prayer, good thoughts or having you in their hearts. I am still new in my faith. I know my prayers are being heard, but just to make sure I have been on the phone with people all week bringing out the big guns!! I know countless others are doing the same.

    Brian, you are my Friend. I love you. Get well!

    Love John, Heather, Jack and Luke Stork

  10. "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."

    You have the faith and as you have been saying for the past 10 years, Keep Believing.

    You can trust that God has a plan for Brian's recovery. And in the coming days, God will make all of us aware of His plan. As we wait, all of your friends and family will be praying for you.



  11. Hi guys,
    We've been thinking about and praying for you every day, and hope that you can feel God's embrace that is so strong around you during this challenging time!
    We're all pulling for you Brian. Get well soon, and back to the family and friends who will be by your side throughout your recovery, every step of the way!
    God Bless,
    Ken, Melissa, Abby, Aiden & Ella Laurentius

  12. We have been saying a lot of paryers out here in Oklahoma! We think about you often. Mom and I will call you on Monday.

    Kimberly White

    ps - we have sent our cards to Jan's house. They will be waiting there for you!

  13. We are saying lots of prayers out here in Oklahoma. We think about you often. Mom and I will call you on Monday.

    Kimberly White

    ps - we are sending our cards to Jan and Ed's house. There will be there for you when you arrive.